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  1. Are they out 1 game or 2? or is Wallace out 2 games and the others 1? It seemed Wallace was more involved in the fight, did the others just leave the bench area?
  2. You are correct, only 3 McDonalds All Americans. How many does Ky have?
  3. I believe the Miami Heat have proven that the most talented team does not always win in basketball. My guess is the coaches picked what they feel will be the best "team" to compete to win versus Indiana. As far as Gilbert, he is a fiesty little player, that wil probably back up Hickey, play 5-6 minutes tops. And he'll be happy and a productive member of the team for the entire week of practice. Will the so called "other D I players" have that same attitude. Judging by the decision, somebody must have thought No. As far as the comments about Indiana dominating the series, look at the tal
  4. Yes, true but Mason Co was missing 3 of their top 6 players that game and all 3 of those players will be playing this year. I heard Ashland whipped Pendleton this summer and Mason destroyed Ashland. I know it's just summer ball but I don't think Pendleton has a shot at Mason this year. They're going to miss their two scorers from last year more than what they think. IMO
  5. I heard today they take their boys basketball seriously in Mason County. The school board is helping with the funding of the trip but are letting a few teachers go next year as in cutting jobs. :idunno::ohbrother: Your are mistaken, school board is NOT suupplying one penny for this trip. And it is my understanding that not one teacher was let go in Mason Co due to budget. Positions cut, not people. If people were let go, it was for other reasons, not budget.
  6. Agree on many points, but as the saying goes,"there is more than one way to skin a cat." Could it be that the best press breaker is not to put the ball over your head and look for cutters, because good defenders will attack you when you put it over your head and force you to put it on the deck." At least that's what I saw when I watched the Mason press totally dismantle the Mustangs press offense. It seems to me i've heard several top name coaches teach players to never put the ball over their head, which is what Brossart players do almost every time they touch it.
  7. Just because people say, "It's tradition, don't change it", is not a good reason to keep it the way it is. The body needs more rest. Holmes players were cramping during championship game, thankfully, their team was able to hold on and win and the fatigue was not a factor in determining the state champion. Those that said Holmes may have won last year as well may not realze that Holmes had more rest time than Mason, as Mason played the 2nd game, although Holmes' semi-final opponent was much tougher. Championship game should be moved to Sunday afternoon, semi finals on Sat night. It has
  8. The charge is a lost art and the Faulkners are great at it. I have seen one time where a technical foul was called for "faking" a charge and it was on a Mason Co team in the mid 80's during the state tournament. I believe they lost the game by 1 pt in overtime so it definitely had an impact on the game.
  9. If you guys don't want the King twins, I'd love to see them wear the Royal Blue. They would look great playing in a front of a packed house at The Fieldhouse, winning a regional championship and going to RUPP!!!!
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