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  1. Just quietly watching from the sidelines. But just had to make a comment on this thread.
  2. Absolutely love the Colts. My Commander was one of my first handguns. Bought it way back in 1978. Still have it. Still shoot it. Never failed me yet.
  3. My son had a Springfield Range Officer. I will probably get one myself some day. An excellent choice for the price. I carry a Sig Sauer 1911 Ultra Compact. A smaller 1911 but also an excellent shooter.
  4. The ones that really lost in this are the opposing teams that lost to them. The senior who didn't get to play 'just one more game". The parents who saw their son lose a game they should have won. The team that didn't get a District title. The school that didn't get to back their team on a playoff run. The community that didn't get to follow their team during a great season. That's the ones who lost and can never be made whole no matter what the KHSAA does.
  5. Yeah, my oldest son played his last game as a Ram at Beechwood. Bitter sweet memories there!
  6. Buy bulk online. I've seen 5.56X45 Lake City (mil surplus) for 300 per 1000 rounds. .45 ACP is kinda pricey, but 9mm is not bad.
  7. Lots of 1911's out there these days. Be careful what you buy.
  8. Also you may consider a used firearm. There are a lot of firearms out there that have seen very little use. I picked up my Sringfield XD used for just over $400.00. It shows very little wear and shoots just fine.
  9. Also, if you go with a 9mm. Shop online, there's lots of military surplus ammo out there pretty cheap.
  10. I Own 2 Springfield XD's and love them both. One is a XD Subcompact in .40S&W, 3" barrel for conceal carry. The other is a XD Tactical in .45ACP, 5" barrel. The XD Tactical shoots really well and I like the way it fits the hand. Barrel length is a consideration. Typically longer barrels are more accurate.
  11. I heard its live here. http://www.rams.ihigh.com
  12. Not a problem. Conner Messer into the endzone off a quick screen. Extra Point is good. Raceland now up 27-8. 10 minutes to go in the first half.
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