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  1. Mayfield has father Jack Morris and sons Joe and David on there staff
  2. It may be awhile still with the emergence of NCC and lex Christian in the east and Bardstown in the west...I wouldn't cry to much about it, though, cause, more than likely, they'll be there again real soon...It's called tradition and both have more than there share of it....
  3. Its my thought that the 2 states are pretty even...the biggest difference is in Ky, you have 2 big privates in X and T, who pretty much dominate there class, whereas, you have more big private schools such as Brentwood Academy,Montgomery Bell Academy, Memphis Univ School, etc, that have enough schools to form there own division..most of these schools could, year in and year out, compete with the Xs and Ts of the world. Believe it or not, 4a is normally stronger than 5a, with Melrose and Maryville and a few other powers and 2a is usually better than 3a with Alcoa, Huntington, Milan, etc...1a usually has a couple or 3 decent teams, but, overall, is much weaker than Ky 1a..
  4. From a Western Ky standpoint, I'm disappointed that Owens Catholic didn't make a better showing...They are better than what they played...I still believe Ft Campbell was the best team in the west in 2a and there style of offense is very similar to Russells and there defense was more physical, as well...I think it would have made for a very fun game to watch...But, hey, I'm taking nothing away from OC. They did what it took to beat FtC and thats all that matters. Just think it would have been a great game to see...
  5. Trinity St X Lex Cath BGreen NCC Russell Mayfield Oboro Cath
  6. 1a NCC Mayfield Bardstown Danville Somerset 2a Russell O.Catholic Ft Campbell Belfry Newport 3a Lex Catholic BGreen Cov Catholic Highlands Bullitt East 4a Trinity St X Henry Clay Male J.Hardin
  7. Except the east is considered rgn 4, which had no representatives in it to get beat by...
  8. I know..I was joking...cant argue with you either...NCC played an outstanding game and deserve to be champs...
  9. Did they have to pick tonight?? :cry:
  10. Ravenwood beat Oak Ridge 14-7 in 5a finals...
  11. From a Mayfield fan, congrats and well deserved victory tonight..you guys were without a doubt the cream of the crop in 1a this year..Mayfield had a fine season and they were playing very well coming in, but, as alot of posters on here said, they hadn't been challenged by a very solid passing team this year and once they got down, they had to get away from the ball control, rushing game, which isn't there strength...Early in the game on the opening drive, Mayfield was moving the ball well and had it deep in NCC territory..possibly, if they score there and get some momentum, it could have been a closer game, but, I think NCC still would have won. Again, congratulations Breds.. CC must be one heck of a team to have beaten you guys like that, but, I'd venture to say, if you played them now, that game would have been alot closer...
  12. Someone else can take it from here...Congrats NCC...
  13. 35 yd TD pass for NCC...35-0 NCC...It's all over but the crying now....
  14. 7:51 to go in 3rd qrt...on 1st down, no gain by Vicars, on 2nd and 10, Vicars picks up about 5, but, personal foul on Mayfield to get the 1st down on the cards 35 yd line
  15. pickup of 1, 4th and 4 Cards, they go for it and don't make it..NCC takes over
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