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  1. Does anyone know what the actual final score was? Hasn't been posted anywhere yet.
  2. Holmes returns a lot of very good players. I'd say those two are the top two teams in the 9th.
  3. It's nice to say that there's an emphasis on team basketball, and the game is usually played at a very solid level in this state, but the individual talent in this state is also not that strong, comparatively. Some of this has to do with the low population, and also the fact that the state is very fractured in terms of quality coaching and chances to develop players. The simple fact also is that there are fewer elite level athletes in this state than in bigger states. This shows in the lack of Kentucky-produced players who make an impact at the Division 1 and NBA levels.
  4. The last player to play his entire high school career in KY and be a McDonald's All-American was Jason Osborne of Male in 1993. It's tough to be a McDonald's All American if nobody outside your state sees you do much, so I doubt we'll have more than one a decade unless KY HS players get more national exposure.
  5. Scott Co. Soph G Bud Mackey ties it at 57 all with 2 FT's with 14 seconds left
  6. Just got called from someone at the game.He said this was the final.
  7. In the interest of fairness, the public high school in Lexington do not have much of an opportunity to develop their players, outside of AAU competition. The local middle school system plays 10 games, the high schools do not get to choose the coaches for their feeder programs, and the high schools often have their best incoming players coming from several different schools. If Lexington Catholic did not have the option to combine their top incoming middle schools and play a middle school schedule, their varsity program would suffer. The high school coaches have nothing to do with the lack of a
  8. I don't think they are in the Lit Rankings either. Its because of the teams they have played since the 5/3rd tournamnet and the unimpressive outcomes. They won all those but some of the score are close. If they would of played a couple of top twenty teams in that span win or lose I believe they would of stayed in the rankings. Still a dangerous team. They finish with two tough games next week of which they will struggle with both of those teams but should win.
  9. I say Scott Co by 10 points. The reason being Scott Co's only real tough set back was at Bryan Station and they have been consistent most of the year. The Lex Cath and Henry Clay losses are just good rivalries that was on their home floors which both teams played well.
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