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  1. Greenup Co. uses the Green Bay logo, colors and all.
  2. Didn't you know that they added it in after you got out of school. It was there for my gross anatomy labs. :lol: All kidding aside, it is possible to play without an ACL, but that requires resconstructive surgery. It is possible to play with a partial tear, but again that is seriously painful and if anyone has seen "Friday Night Lights" knows how dangerous it can be. I find it hard to believe that anyone could play with a completely torn ACL since it is required to keep the keep from hyperextending and the tibia from being pulled anteriorly even with a brace. And even if that is possible (I am not an orthapedic surgeon...yet) the balance of the knee joint would be dramatically compromised probably to the point of being unable to walk properly. Basically, every time weight is placed on the knee joint, the ACL prevents the tibia from slipping forward. As one pushed off that leg, the ACL keeps the knee from bending the wrong direction. Therefore, to do anything with this kind of injury is dangerous and any physician worth his/her salt wouldn't have allowed her to play. As for tearing an artery, there is no artery that runs in the knee joint itself it is encapsulated. However, the popliteal arteries run behind the knee. This is the main artery supplying the leg below the knee. While I find it very difficult to imagine a situation where the knee could be displaced enough to sever this artery, it is very much possible with an injury that would allow the knee to slide backwards.
  3. I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. Earlier in the year Lex. Cath thumped RH by 30. The second time around with a less than 100% Kayla, the final margin was 17 in a game that was played a lot closer than that. Would they will 99% of the time? Probably. But to say that the games would get progressively worse is a stretch at best.
  4. Ending a post with the fighting emoticon typically signifies that you are looking for a fight which is what I assumed you were doing. That was a mistake on my part most likely from the onslaught of posts in the last two-three years yelling recruiting this and recruiting that. The absence of knowledge is ignorance and that is a simple definition and not a statement of someones intelligence (I myself am completely ignorant of Lex Cath's program so I can say nothing about their tactics). As for them not competing at Russell, that was a self-imposed condition due to a multitude of reasons that I neither know nor need to know about. In the future, I would be careful with the emotioncons since they are often the only way to infer inflection on the cold emotionless computer.
  5. To answer you question...Yes. Queen and Terry were the centerpieces of the Royals program last year and Kayla and Britt Faulkner were at the school but did not play basketball. They were completeing their KHSAA imposed year of ineligibility for transferring. It really frustrates me that when a program does well and happens to be a private school that the first words on everyone's lips are recruiting. Is it possible? Certainly. But if you look around the 16th region, there are tons more transfers between public and public schools than the lone private school in the region. Stones could be thrown at any public school in the region. As for the Faulkners, they were clearly not going to compete at Russell, transferred to Rose Hill, and abided by the rules set forth by the bylaws. So how can anyone take exception with two girls who played by the rules that were set before them? As for the rest of the team, anyone who says that they were "recruited" clearly doesn't know much about the team or these girls since they have been at Rose Hill for a long time and bleed Royal Blue. I understand that your question is probably one rooted in the absence of factual knowledge (aka ignorance), but to formulate your question in such a manner as to cast a blantant accusation without knowing said facts is a simple cheap shot at a team that deserves congratulations. For lack of anything else to say, they were runners up of the state tournament with essentially 6 players and a team captain (who was their only all-state honorable mention) whose 20 point/game average was cut in half by an injury. That alone shows the will and talent of these players. Show some respect for that.:thumb:
  6. After second round games: 1. Lexington Catholic 91.7 2. Iroquois 79.7 3. Henderson County 78.7 4. Rose Hill Christian 77.5
  7. According to the Lexington Hearld 1. Lexington Catholic 91.7 2. Mercy 84.3 3. Clay County 82.0 4. Montgomery County 80.1 5. Marshall County 79.8 6. Iroquois 79.7 7. Muhlenberg North 79.2 8. Henderson County 78.7 9. Elizabethtown 78.3 10. Shelby County 77.7 11. Rose Hill Christian 77.5 12. Franklin-Simpson 76.7 13. Magoffin County 73.4 14. Boone County 73.0 15. Letcher County Central 71.2 16. Rockcastle County 70.4
  8. The Royals looked pretty good, but definately showed their youth. Letting Lawrence back into the game after leading by 12 in the 3rd may have been a bad thing, but I like to think that it gives them confidence that they can hold on to a game that they are winning. It definately gives them confidence going into the Fairview game tonight which I think will be a dog fight. If the Royals can pull an upset, it will most certainly add a new demention to the realigned 64th distict tournament which already sees probably 3 of the top teams in the region battling for two regional spots. Throw in a fourth and it could get really interesting.
  9. Don't forget that Fairview plays Rose Hill tonight. A big win for the Eagles and it would solidify their place to a greater degree in the top tier in the region (since Greenup and Raceland both went to the wire with the Royals). A win for Rose Hill not only brings them the needed upset but also places them in the watch category for the rest of the season in the anyone's guess 64th region.
  10. Can no one give me any specifics on this game? I really would like to know some hard stats on this game. Oh and to clarify my fourth question, I would like someone who actually got the radio broadcast to tell me what was said about the coaching moves. I was just curious as to what went on the air since I didn't hear it myself. I heard some people say nothing and some say that they were riding Coach Hall a little. Just wondering which was true.
  11. Having not attended nor listened to this game, I have a few specific questions to ask 1.) What were the stats (points, rebs, minutes) for Michael Taylor and Matt Thomas? 2.) What were the stats (same as above) for Josh Magnussen and David Frasier? 3.) What was Mark King's FG%? 4.) What in the world was going on on the radio with VanHoose and Barber? I have heard some conflicting stories about their comments concerning the coaching tactics. After I hear these questions answered, I have a few words to say.
  12. airSABU, Rose Hill has only been in existance for 20 years (about). It hasn't always had a basketball team (though I can't tell you when it started, I think the late 80's). Until 2001-02, they had one winning season and one .500 season. They rarely played public schools and had never won a district game (either Sweet 16 or All-A). Before Coach Hall, they were basically the whipping boy of the 16th. If you happened to read the basketball preview from the DI last year after the season you would have laughed at the passing off of talent that was at RH. But RH won that that wasn't cool to a lot of people. It was a building process, that suddenly exploded and they got real good real fast. But anyway...I hope that answers your questions.
  13. I can confirm that Bill came and cleaned out his locker today. Other than that, all I know is still unconfirmed. I pm'ed you hokie so we can confer.
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