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  1. I'm back RickyP!!! Take a little trip did you? How was the weather where you went last week-end? No need to respond, I think I know. As far as my original post. It would not have been necessary to mention Coach Hall's name at all had he not leaked that false info about BW. You see you REAP What You SOW. BW has moved on why dont you. Maybe you should check out thread titled: IS ANY ONE ELSE SICK OF..... Jeff Hall & RH have bigger problems than little old me. The folks in that thread seem to be catching on to the problems over at RH, and as soon as Mayo shakes you off his coat tail you are done. You and Mr. Mom seem to share your view on my ramblings quite nicely, so I'll make this brief. YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK GOOD BYE
  2. Guru, Thanks for seeing the value of my post and not being upset. I will try to stay on the right course. I believe my questions have been answered. Who are these people? And, where if not the school is this info being released? Well, out of 950+ viewers, 34 submitted post, 24 simply curious while 10 are either angry or in a panic trying to pick-up RH dirty laundry. Shooterx3, AGAIN, when BW was enrolled with Williams, Mayo & Taylor at RH in the 2000-2001 school year he was in the 6th grade - TRUE. If he hasn't received a DOUBLE PROMOTION, and he has not, how would he be in a higher grade than the others who enrolled with him. BW mom should make the decisions regarding her son. just like others of you that have children and make decisions for them. And if people like some of you, tried to interfere, I am certain that action of some sort would be taken by you (the parent). Davis, You are right on track. I would like for you to meet and talk with some of the RH players and families who would squash your doubts abouts my post. You are dealing with a bunch of slick talkers that truly believe that no one is smarter than them. Their slick talk amuses me. If you only knew what goes on behind the scene. This same AAU coach they keep refering to, was a great guy as long as he was helping to bring players to RH for Hall to coach following year. They where scouting Barnes players the summer before they went to RH. The player they really wanted was Mayo but hit the jackpot when they got all four. This AAU coach has been coaching these boys since they were in 3rd grade and the AAU team he coached has won 3 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS back to back with these kid. They have been well coached by Barnes, play disciplined, respect and care for one another (players and coaches). So, RH should not forget from where they cometh and show a little respect. RickyP, Your post seems to "Lack Courage". To name people while hiding behind a Pseudo name is UNFAIR. I guess I could put names to all the situations I've described. But, whats the point. You and your camp are trying to discredit a great basketball program that Barnes has developed and to attack the kids in his program is in very poor taste. I am sure that you non RH supporters can see right through that AAU is a great avenue to take for exposure to college coaches all over the nation. There are a lot of fine athletes in RH and they would be wise to seek the AAU experience. Like Davis, I would love for coach barnes to meet with you in person so that you can speak with Jejuan. I know Jejuan and him mom and keep in touch with them. He and his mom can tell you how good being held back was for Jejuan. He is both academically and athletically solid. He has been ranked as high as #25 player in the nation (class of 2006). You see there is life after RH. Now why is it such a bad idea for BW to be held back for a year while SEVERAL other players in the RH Bball program have been held back from 4th grade through middle school. I am told that these players include the HEAD COACH's son, the COLOR-ANALYST radio announcers son and the A.D.'s stepson. Maybe they realized that coach barnes was right about something. Surely they would not have made that decision for their kids if it was damaging to the child in anyway. BW mom wanted the same thing for her son and had a right to make that decision for him. I applaud BW and his mom for not letting RH strong arm them into staying until the end of the season. In the long run BW will not suffer, RH will. Just think, if BW had stayed at RH, the school may have had a better chance (1) to win the All-A, (2)sell a few more tickets to the Huntington Civic Center tournament which many may agree, if BW was playing along side Mayo, he would bring some excitement to the game. By the way, the tournament is in Huntington where Walker, Mayo, Williams Taylor, Dawson, Magnusson & King where all reared. (3) have had a chance to advance to the final 4 or sweet 16 with a good draw & Jeff Hall gets credit for taking a team from RH further than they have gone before. Transfering now allows Bill to be eligible to play this time next year in HS and lose his senior year at public/private (not prep) school. Yes he could play all summer, which is where most of the kids SKILLS improve because they receive very GOOD instruction and GREAT competition. BW could sit out all of next year and be re-instated his senior year due to hardship (not in KY) and if you knew all the details there are certainly enough mitigating circumstances to warrant that. Analyst25, .....You're Right...Stay Tuned. Sportsguy, How well was BW doing academically? Look before you leap. ColonelCrazy, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. It's the people a RH, so Bitter About BW's departure that they want to know where he is and could that be so that they can try an destroy his future. And, they say they care about him??? PLEASE!!! BW is reading these post and knows exactly where he stood with his so called RH family. He is more convinced that he was right to make this move. He is moving FORWARD and NOT LOOKING BACK, has NO REGRETS and realizes that all the mean things that have been said about him at RH, especially the hateful comments made to him in the locker room where just part of a learning process. Hopefully, we learn from our mistakes and returning to RH was indeed a mistake for BW. RoyalMom, Well, what can I say? You post although not very original, has put true meaning to the term THREATICAL. His mom (who named him William and calls him Bill, not Billy) enrolled Bill in St. Joe as an 8th grader. Why you ask? Because they were told by people in the know and associated with RH, that if he transferred in to RH coming from Cincy as an 8th grader it might raise a Red Flag and they would have to move & live in the RH school district. So Bill was enrolled in St. Joe to get a H-town WV transcript. Why don't you stop trying to pass judgement on BW and his family and leave them alone. The more questions yor raise the worse RH looks. The conspiracy runs much deeper than you know. After reading your post I realize and understand why most have disdain for the RH "supporters", that Holier than thou mentality comes right off the page. Humbleness is a great trait to have and Practice. Remember, they that lives in glass houses should not throw stones. Chaplain, (Preach on Sister) You might allow RoyalMom to preach in your pulpit, but she could not preach in mine. Guru, I hope I have not crossed the line. If I have please give me another chance because I have a lot more to say. (smile)
  3. As I continue to read the slanderous remarks about Bill Walker, his mother and AAU coach I am both saddened and extremely disappointed in the so-called reliable sources and insiders of this unfortunate situation. Who are these people? And, where if not the school is this info being released? I am a friend to Bill , his mother and until now a supporter of Rose Hill. Bill's mother is a good and loving mom and only has her son's best interest in mine and does not deserve what you critics are dishing out. A couple of you really seem to feel that the RH administration and coaching staff knew more than they are telling and you are right. You want the truth; I will give you the truth. Three years ago a RH supporter called asking if Mayo, Walker, Williams and Taylor would like to attend RH Christian School. And yes they were all on the same AAU team. Bill was enrolled in the 6th. grade at RH along with his teammates Mayo and Williams. Taylor. All but Taylor were held back a year. This was indeed and opportunity to improve there grades and gain a little maturity in this small, christian school enviornment. Shortly after enrollment, Bill was faced with a situation of being wrongly accused of an incident which was later discovered to be a setup to get rid of Bill. His mother pulled him out of RH and enrolled him in a WV middle school. The following year he was enrolled in the 7th. grade at a private school that did not even have a basketball team, so I can safely say that education was the priority for Walker and his mom. Bill and his teammates missed each other so Mayo, at the beginning of this school year asked coach Hall could Bill come back to school at RH. Bill's mother received calls from two individuals of authority a RH (one being Coach Hall) asking that Bill come back to school at RH. The only catch was that at that time there was not a chair in the 8th. grade (the grade in which Bill belonged) but, she was told, there would be a chair by Oct. 15, 2002 and Bill would get that seat. This promise was made before basketball had even started. Bill then returned to school in WV to wait for his seat at RH. In the middle of Oct. Bill now 6'5" tall with a lot of basketball skill and talent was enrolled in RH, and soon placed on the basketvall squad. It was at this point that all focus was lost on Bill being placed in the grade which he belonged. Instead the focus was playing basketball. Maybe the coach should have recognized that academics should have been considered first not athletics. When BW mom found out that her son was placed in the 9th grade and not the 8th grade, like she was promised, she started calling the administrator and coach Hall. At this time, she expresses her concern that after being made aware of a couple of opportunities to seat Bill in the right grade, why had nothing been done. She was told that because basketball season had started there might be a problem. Bill's mom and other family members, now feeling as though she was getting the Royal Run Around asked for help in the matter from one of his AAU coaches who is not just a coach but a friend for a number of years. The same coach that was initially contacted by the RH supporter from day one. The administrator with Coach Hall set a meeting. During the meeting will coach Hall and the AAU coach there was much discussion about the whole situation and Coach Hall agreed that Bill should not have been kept in the 9th grade, and that he (Hall) would have to meet will the administration to get the error corrected, but that he "would get it done". After the meeting with Hall and his colleagues, it was determined that nothing could be done about the situation at this time because it might send up a red flag if the error was corrected now. Again athletics did indeed rule over academics and it was not the player, his mom or his AAU coach at fault. You see some at RH are Christians and some just wear the mask. Maybe those wearing the mask should really read the book and learn that GOD sees all and knows all. You can fool the forum but you cannot fool GOD!!!!!
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