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  1. Beach is a stud! With Smith and Beach in the backfield WV should have an exciting Offense this year or next 2 years!
  2. As a QB guy my eyes tend to look in that direction. Clay Hayden of Beechwood looks solid as a freshman. Verax of Ryle showed what he can do this past season. Ryle has a great program for QBs! Verax understands the system 100%. Jackson Smith of Walton Verona is has my attention! Just witnessed him win the 100m Dash at Scott against a very talented field as a sophomore! Spoke with some Walton folks and seems last year broke his collar bone 1st scrimmage of the year. They also said he just broke the school record in the 100m and 200m dash for WV last week! um... Sophomore! Wow. Keep an eye out for Smith to make a name for himself this season! I personally think he will be hands down the most athletic QB in the state!
  3. Who qualified for eastern relays this past weekend?
  4. Speed kills and only way to truly improve is to continue to run.
  5. Eastern Relays are thus weekend. Any locals qualify? This is probably the most competitive meet of the year from what I've heard. Love watching the progression of the athletes.
  6. How many football players run track from your school? Any stand outs?
  7. That sucks! 1st scrimmage.... hope for a healthy season in 2022
  8. I just thought the kid looked sharp and saw his highlights. I don't know anything else of the kid... Not sure why the Come on man is all about? lol 😆 Do you know him?
  9. Definitely looks like top 5 most athletic QBs for 2022!
  10. When was the injury? Is this film after he returned?
  11. I'm going off his highlights... are you from walton? Curious as he looked very fast and not sure about the comment earlier about struggling to throw the ball as it looked pretty good in his highlights.... Also the Verax kid looked strong over at Ryle but it wouldn't let me share his highlights...
  12. Who are the top running backs to watch for in 2022?
  13. Hopefully he can flourish as he looked impressive from what I've seen.
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