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  1. I heard some other information, I’d say your right.
  2. Phillip is a little bigger now, last year he was playing soccer and football! All season. He has changed his plan this year and decided to be football only in the fall.
  3. Phil Peiffer, Phillip Peiffer - Hudl Only played one year of football! Huge upside and great kid. Has a few offers so far from small colleges.
  4. Looking forward to see how the flyers can grow this season and get over the hump. Which is a regional final win.
  5. Fred is a great kid, I believe he has started both ways At FC for 4 years. He works hard has the grades to attend any college he would choose; Ivy League included. I Watched the Anderson County game last year and he put on a clinic I left impressed.
  6. Man I hope there is football! I think we will for sure, Fingers crossed!
  7. Franklin County has three sophomores to be, that are stand outs already and will be prospects in the near future. Gavin Hurst 6’1 180 lb wr/fs- started free safety all year. Back up on offense. Peyton Ledford 6’2 230 lb/te- 140 tackles last year as a starter. Kaden Moorman 6’1 185 lb rb/lb- started tailback for western hills last season, has since moved and now looks to be an impact player for the Flyers.
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