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  1. Breathitt had trouble running against Greenup and their Defense had more hole than sponge bob. Greenup ran the ball with ease. Breathitt D line is talented but very young. They’d better be fixing the D or it’s gonna be a short season for the Bobcats. QB Jaylen Turner played like a D1 prospect and the freshman Austin Spurrier made some incredible grabs. If it hadn’t been for them, Breathitt would have lost.
  2. CDC just updated their statistics and seems to me like the restrictions are worse On the public than the virus.
  3. Breathitt has some really solid players coming up the pipe. Korey Combs has got to be one of the best looking 8th graders in the state http://bluegrasssportsnation.com/breathitt-middle-v-pikeville-image-gallery-9-26-20/?fbclid=IwAR1c_TAv7LMHJUaoKT5lXEEb-RUk7C7AI-qd7nXxhobbm4Y4i-3fep7BQ0Y
  4. Yesterday the coaching staff measured Skylar Richies height at 6’8-1/4”. Sawyer Thompson could very well be the top junior in the 14th region. By mid season I can see Wolfe could as being a top 25 team in the state.
  5. They may end up on the schedule before the season begins. That’s always a great game.
  6. In his Junior session, I look for this young man to make a name for himself as one of the very best QBs in the state. Jaylen Turner has the size, athleticism, and arm strength to be a big time college recruit.
  7. Camron Justice working with Wilgus aTolson FullSizeRender.mov
  8. I completely agree!! Richie is one of the best freshman’s in the state and if he has matured physically enough to compete inside with players, such as, McGuire from Knott, then Wolfe has an outstanding chance of making it to the sweet 16.
  9. Wolfe county probably has the best boys team in school history!! And remember the name Wilgus Tolson because he’s one of the best point guards in Kentucky. They’ve also got one heck of a shooting guard with Jazz Johnson. Sure hope they get to play. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/13822358/5ea4921d90f05608508e04a5
  10. Wilgus Tolson scores 18 in the second half and Sawyer Thompson hits some huge shots to put Wolfe County in the 14th region Championship game where they will play Hazard.
  11. Wolfe returns all their starters for next year except for Hunter Brewer and all their production from the bench.
  12. Hazard is a very solid team with no real all-stars. They know how to work together and so far it’s really paid off.
  13. Tonight’s Wolfe/Hazard game could shape up to be the most exciting game of the season.
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