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  1. You mean Marshall County legend, runner up in Mr Basketball voting, Vanderbilt star, SEC player of the year, and NBA journey-man, Dan Langhi? Yes I was in school at Graves County when he carved us up two years in a row. I believe it was 1995 when he scored 50-something points in a single game at the Sweet Sixteen.
  2. I’m just telling you what was in their own accounting reports from their board of control meeting in July of 2019. I went back to 2019 because they were actually able to host both events in their entirety that year. edited for clarity: I did round the numbers. That 1.2 mil was more like 1.19 and some change. The 370,000 was I believe 367 and some change.
  3. I can’t speak to that. I would assume it’s just for the state championship games, but you would have to ask someone who’s hosted one of those early round games as athletic director.
  4. The answer to the question can be found in the KHSAA general ledger for the 2018-2019 school year. $1.2 million in tickets sold to boys basketball $370,000 in tickets sold to football.
  5. She was drafted into the WNBA, but has had trouble with knee injuries. Did she ever play professionally?
  6. Spoke to Aleigha Mucker’s mother at 3rd region championship game. She tells me Aleigha will be playing for Midway.
  7. Apollo - Natalie Powers - WKU current E-Gals coach.
  8. I think it’s safe to say that records and rankings really mean Jack this year. You’ve got teams that have played 15 games going up against teams who’ve played 30. You’ve got teams who have missed extensive periods of their season because they were quarantined competing against teams who maybe had similar periods of time where they didn’t play but could practice (if their opponents were quarantined). There’s always a place in Kentucky’s basketball postseason for upsets, but I think it’s never been more wide open.
  9. Final, from the Owensboro Sportscenter.
  10. That’s cool, I had no idea he played Kentucky sports.
  11. Are we talking former Atlanta Brave David Justice?
  12. I consider the ability to recover from the hop and make the play a sign of ultimate skill. I’m also the guy that would outlaw aluminum bats. Again, that’s why we are all entitled to our opinion.
  13. That’s why we are all allowed to have our opinions.
  14. I’m an Apollo guy, but I’m going to let my bias show here a bit. They’ve been without key player Amber Dunn since the first game of the year. She just came back from injury. They’ve been quarantined twice, and played several games with only 6 players eligible because of covid. Make no mistake, those girls can play ball. They have Five seniors and some underclass men role players who have, just this week, managed to stay together and heathy and start to put the pieces of the puzzle together. They largely flew under the radar in the 3rd last season because Owensboro Catholic was so good with current Murray State Racer Hannah McKay. I think they will surprise some people in the post season, big time.
  15. Baseball was meant to be played on grass. I’m not saying I don’t see the advantages turf provides against weather, but playing on turf takes some of the strategy out of the game. Turf changes the game, and all the things that make it interesting: no bad hops, virtually no use in bunting, ball screaming off the bat when hit on the ground with no grass to slow it down, and the chopper that bounces 15 feet in the air instead of being killed by the dirt. I don’t find it entertaining to watch.
  16. Has Fulton co ever beaten Graves in school history?
  17. If you love baseball the way baseball was meant to be played, you hate turf on a baseball field. However, because of the schizo Kentucky weather, it does have its advantages for high school teams. None of the advantages make the game better. They just make it so that games/practices can be held more consistently.
  18. Swearing is a habit, and is often influenced by one’s environment. I changed jobs 10 days ago. I moved from one where that type of language was used in virtually every sentence, to a job with a completely different culture. I’ve noticed a change in my own vocabulary. For the past ten years I’ve turned the switch on and off based on whether I was at my “real” job or around the kids I work with. To say it’s a sign of limited intelligence or some sort of means to alleviate stress/increase health, is all fallacy. It’s simply a product of an environment.
  19. In all fairness was this a full strength game? There are a lot of outcomes being determined by quarantine across the state.
  20. Weak. Weak. Weak. Weak. This is as weak as I’ve seen the 3rd in the 16 years I’ve lived here. In their defense, it could be COVID and the late start/start/stop etc. It may be across the state. I haven’t seen but one team from outside the region. It just seems exceptionally weak this year.
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