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  1. This!! We deal with this in Daviess County as well. Except here, it’s 3 middle schools into 2 high schools and one of the middle schools splits students. The middle school coaches are not invested in the high school programs. Hopeful we start to see that turn around soon, as I’ve heard there’s direction from central office to fix it.
  2. Reminds me why I’m glad I left that area. Seems like that kind of stuff was always happening when it was Lone Oak, Reidland and Heath as well. Not to mention how easy it was for someone to jump ship to St Mary’s for basketball or baseball.
  3. In your defense, you were right about Apollo needing to capitalize on McCracken mistakes. That’s what allowed them to jump out to the early lead, and hang on to it in the end.
  4. I agree with you. Unfortunately, a large percentage of parents in today’s world do nothing but support their kids against any kind of discipline issued by a school.
  5. I don’t think so either, especially since we beat them at home last year with a huge defensive stand. Unfortunately, in the time I’ve lived here that was the first time I’ve been to an AHS vs DC game that did not involve at least a scuffle and/or ejection. Would rather watch kids play the game hard and leave the nonsense at home. If the head coach is encouraging that kind of play, he should be fired.
  6. That’s the difference between a school with a tradition of winning, and one that finds themselves in the middle of a blessed season. Owensboro acts like they’ve done this before. County loses all sense of class whatsoever. Prediction: if they do that against Apollo with the history of animosity between the schools, someone will get hurt.
  7. 28-14 at halftime Mustangs to receive to start the second half
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