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  1. Apollo has been missing 3-5 starters every game, most of which (I believe) play defense. Their offense looked more put together against North Hardin, and had several big plays called back on “phantom holds.” Apollo also had a would-be 3rd down conversion ruled incomplete that on video was a clear catch. I’m a big proponent of teaching kids to be mentally tough and to overcome, but when you’ve got a group of teenagers who have been taking a pounding week after week that’s tough to do. Meade is 2-2 with their 2 wins coming against teams that are a combined 0-7. I’m an admitted homer but I’m feeling it this week. Apollo by 2 TD’s as Combs was getting rid of the ball and connecting with receivers when he wasn’t being tackled 10 yards out of bounds. 35-21 Apollo
  2. I came here looking for your traditional “81 is a lot of points, Coach.” Now I find out you’ve turned soft on it.
  3. Yes, sir. I am technologically challenged and couldn’t find a way to edit the thread title after I did it. Morbidly obese fingers and a phone keypad do not mesh well sometimes.
  4. Is Starks the son of Terrell Starks? Malik might have been his first name. I used to work with his mother. It’s been a LONG time.
  5. Despite the fact that I misspelled his name in the title, I knew Coach Birdsong in HS. I have always felt he was a pretty standup guy. I could definitely see that being one of his goals.
  6. Reported in West Kentucky Star News last night. Is it just me, or is this an odd time of year to retire as a basketball coach?
  7. Apollo TD called back on a bogus hold. This is shameful. Combs runs out of bounds on the next play and again, a North Hardin player tackles him 15 yards after the ball was blown dead. Combs launches one into the end zone on the ensuing play. 52-19 with 20.6 seconds in the 3rd
  8. Creative spotting technique creates a turnover on downs for Apollo. NH ball with 2:31 in the 3rd
  9. 45-12 north Hardin. Got distracted by a text message. 6:48 in the 3rd
  10. QB keeper with 2 North Hardin players making a hit on the Apollo QB while he was on the track. Officials find a way to prevent the first down. One of the dirtiest plays I’ve seen in HS.
  11. Best football we’ve played, especially under the circumstances. still have several out with injury. I think we will make a good showing in district play.
  12. Field goal north hardin 24-12 5 minutes left in the half
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