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  1. Huge loss for the future. Good players, wish em the best.
  2. His car was also burglarized Before the game as well. I’d be ready to punch someone as well. Kentucky Wildcats: Lynn Bowden’s car was broken into prior to Belk Bowl - A Sea Of Blue
  3. Glad to see stoops walk out with him side by side. Way to stand behind your players.
  4. When Highlands, Beechwood, or Covington Catholic underperforms with the talent they have , the community as a collective has enough common sense to understand facts from politics. I think it’s toxic when Cooper fans are ok with mediocrity. I expected a 8-2 season and 2nd round exit to CCH this year. 3 very winnable games (Conner, Ryle, Highlands) all decided within 7 points. The turnovers where the back breaker. They had some really solid protection and a stellar defense this year and only finished ahead of Boone County. I think that they will be better than those teams next year, because the district will be down, but I think the “win now” not next year approach applies to anyone that’s not on the in NFL. Kill the politics and just go for the win.
  5. I don’t agree with it, but you can file a complaint if it’s that serious. The KHSAA Office | Kentucky High School Athletic Association
  6. It was more of unsportsmanlike conduct. They would stand over and look at players after the big hit. These days that’s a flag. I think Highlands is down this year, but one thing I’ve liked about them is they hit hard. I don’t know if they go full contact in practice, but they sure look like it. He’s a beast.
  7. Your absolutely right. Good job coaches! Cooper over Cov Cath by 40.
  8. I mean the players did everything to keep this game close, minus the turnovers. As far as predictability goes, I’ll just be reminded of Cooper's state runner-up year and told off.
  9. Another week, another year of predictability. Good fight by the Jags players and the seniors. Fight Cov Cath with everything you got.
  10. In this situation, I think it’s more of the environment. I like the way Nick Saben handles his players. He’s not a players coach at all, but he always shown he cares about the players even if it’s in a blunt way. If a player just walks away from a program and it’s not about school/family, he obviously doesn't feel a connection with the program. I personally think quitting is bad move and sets a tone for how your life will end up.
  11. They’ll blow Boone out. Ouch that’s 2 starting receivers in one season.
  12. This was a very entertaining game per usual. Cooper had control but 3 turnovers killed their chances.
  13. I believe if a player can play both sides he should . Not an issue with the kids. I just feel like the calling is Jason Garret level predictable. I predict 1 more win maybe 2, but I believe they can win more with some variety.
  14. I’m not saying burn the playbook. The first four games of coopers schedule were not the best opponents. The defense could make up for offensive production. They have Cov Cath, GRC, then Conner next. They won’t win if the offense is not sped up. I actually like the way Desales offensive is set up. Only because they use every weapon on the field and sideline to create points. #21 should be used more. #81, a freshman has better hands than most the varsity receivers. #7 has a corner and safety on him every play and it’s still not getting other people open as one might assume.
  15. Some refuse to change into the new age of offensive play calling. This district will not just let Cooper in the playoffs. You have to win to get in (Conner). Hopefully something changes.
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