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  1. Line has to prove their worth no doubt. Can’t replace a leader like Shepard Easily. But I know of at least one OL/DL that everyone will know by years end. Can’t wait for this season to start.
  2. You said it all. this kid will definitely make a D1 coach very happy next year.
  3. Thanks for all your efforts @PP1. Enjoyed throughout the year and much appreciated!
  4. Never thought I’d take on the Guru himself. Fingers crossed! Here are my thoughts. Weak? No. Right move for kids. Find an opponent On your level you can build your teams success. Experiencing a beatdown before the season starts would be demoralizing and hard to overcome. Now, let’s make lemons into lemonade.... Both schools should carry on the cause, just against different opponents. CCH still has ties because coach’s brother, NCC because he is alum. Double down the love. Heck, see if other schools want to join in. Just my thoughts, but I see all sides. Unfortunately the level of dominance catches up, and with NCC struggles, not a good idea.
  5. You take Green off CCH and they are sitting at home, with Holy Cross in the 9th region. Lol. All kidding aside, with highly touted talent all around him, he consistently puts up double doubles and outworks others under the basket to get his team the W. Definitely not the most talented kid, and I have no dog in fight. But the most deserving player in this region IMO, and his performance backs it up.
  6. BBTEA nails it. My key to game here. If Green is allowed to do his thing under the basket, no one stops Colonels. For all the talent, all the hype around other players, this young man is this team’s MVP IMO. If not for him, they very well could have not made it past Holy Cross in the 35th.... Good luck to both. Should be a great Championship.
  7. I also agree with the two comments above. Dixie has some promising young talent and I thought they got better each week. Can’t wait to See this Geraci kid Next two years. Played great Saturday night, doing all the “little things” to show high basketball IQ. Add to that his obvious skill / talent, put him on your watch list next two years. On another note, Highlands was once again very impressive. Dixie went toe to toe, just didn’t have the horsepower. But effort was never in question.
  8. Think this is pretty spot on. I’m just looking for a good game. Hopefully the Cru can contain Green and keep the rebounding even. Good luck to both!
  9. Some of these comments are funny. I saw Beechwood numerous times this year. People need to GET OFF Drauds back. Kid does shoot a lot. But IMO because everyone else But Rylee STANDS on the 3 point line. Move, back door cut, get open. You want the ball, go to the bucket. Rebounding and lack of ability to handle pressure is why BW gets beat when I’ve been there. Rebounding Margin is very lopsided. Conner, super impressed. Saw them three times this year. Hard playing every second, every play. Good luck Cougars!
  10. Gonna upset Some folks here, but AAU Style ball and culture keeps invading The HS game IMO, empowering kids and parents to act above the team/school/game. Very sad to hear and see this happening, but fear this won’t be the last time something like this occurs in today’s age of “me” and “my kid is great” basketball. Not saying that is what happened here, Hope it wasn’t. I don’t know details or have a dog in fight, but sounds like a scene from a crappy AAU tournament game, not a HS district tournament game representing a school and community. On to what matters, Congrats to the young Colonels for holding it together during a tough season. Some good talent on that team. Way to persevere and good luck in Regions!
  11. Don’t even know how to respond to this Comment. So I guess we just award CovCath as the greatest every year and cancel the 35th? Everyone else doesn’t matter? Guess Holy Cross didn’t get that memo tonight, which is why ALL these games are played. Wow. Give credit to ALL these teams in this district, even the ones “playing for 2nd”. LOL. Great district.
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