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  1. Bottom line to me is I keep hearing folks complain that these kids are “taking” a spot for another kid. I don’t buy it. Coaches need to win to keep job. To win, you play best players. You want to be best, work harder than anyone in the off season. Talent helps, but hard work will persevere in most all cases. Guess I’m just from a simpler era.....
  2. My head just exploded trying to read your entire post. 😂👍
  3. I can see your point, but no different than I was in high school and a kid showed up from St Louis, outplayed us, and earned a starting spot. We weren’t “owed” anything, we shoulda worked harder in off season. Look, I see all sides. But my point is its April, and you got months to prepare for the upcoming season. That’s a good warning. Does is suck? Maybe. But ask that kid returning how it was not attending school in person, not going to prom, not having a graduation. Then ask them how it feels to have the NCAA give all their kids an extra year, take those potential scholarships they would have earned in an otherwise normal year, yada yada yada. It never ends. man up. Take the job from them if you want it.
  4. As “planned”? Come on, you gotta earn your position and that starts on day 1 on any season. Out work then, out play them. If your coach is guaranteeing spots to any kids that’s a problem IMO. 🤷‍♂️
  5. I think Kentucky kids get plenty of out of state attention. That being said, I have heard and been told first hand that Kentucky kids stay home more often than not, and that probably does affect recruiting of mid/low D1 impact kids. All in all, the measure-sables and grades win out IMO.
  6. Mean to disrespect to Starks kid, but just not big enough for next level in basketball. Former Mr. Kentucky Basketball Carson Williams had a good career at similar size, but never dominated. Hes now trying the transition to football at WKU for the NFL combine. IN COLLEGE. Bottom line is simple math to me. College basketball teams have 12-15 players. Football has 75? Try it now young fella, the world is your oyster with that size......... https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/nfl-draft-wku-big-man-plans-to-be-the-next-college-hoops-to-te-conversion-122725146.html
  7. Dude, you are so wrong on this. What schools? The % of kids who lands offers that early is so small in football. COVID absolutely decimated this class if you were a mid/low D1 level prospect. Those kids are encouraged to go to the schools camp for first hand evaluations. Can offers come without that? Sure. But most assuredly not just from film. I have seen the most bizarre requests this year. No mention of grades, but how big are hands, and exact measurements please. Don’t care what position you are now, we want you for “x”. No film to study there is there? Lol. Point is this year our entire world was thrown off its axis. Can’t blame any kid, and I know plenty in NKY, who would benefit from coming back and doing just that. Plus, who wouldn’t want to relive being 17/18? Agree to disagree on this one bud.
  8. Laundry list? No. But finding a spot that is full ride on a team that he can compete, after NCAA 5th and 6th yr kids graduate? Absolutely. and this isn’t just about him. It’s about every kid at every school who is facing these numbers issues. Is what it is. Numbers.
  9. Gotta keep in mind that not only were there no camps to audition last summer, but also that the NCAA already granted extra year eligibility to their players. Doesnt matter how much tape you have to show, its Simple math. Less scholarships available which meant a Mr. Kentucky football ends up a PWO. How is that fair to him, or any one these talented mid/low D1 talents settling for PWO and NAIA scholarships? Rolls downhill folks. If ya didnt see this coming, youve been sleeping the last year...... Just my opinion.
  10. The one foul in the back, which WASNT called intentional BTW, absolutely was wrong. That’s how kids get hurt. The one Hergott elevated, made a play on the ball as Meyer tried unsuccessfully to dunk it, no way that was intentional. Good, old school basketball play. After seeing Hergott with that passion, puzzled why he wasn’t on floor more last night. HC was absolutely better team. BW had no answer under the boards, and no one could step in and help Draud. Key for me was when HC heartbeat/pulse of team Jeremiah Hicks picked up his 3rd foul. BW not once tried to take it at him and force him to get his 4th. Played most of 2nd half with no one taking it at him. I was blown away. Allowing him to stay on the floor was death blow for BW. Exposed how big a loss Rylee transferring was IMO. McClendon/Meyer best guard combo I’ve seen in long time. Foul shots. It’s an epidemic at this point folks both teams couldn’t hit consistently, and I’ve seen that in almost every game I’ve watched in recent years. Need less time practicing Euro-steps and more time on charity stripe. All I know is this. It was great to be back in a gym watching games thank you to 35th district and Holmes staff for allowing that to happen 👍👍
  11. Great recap b-ball-fan. Also great game to watch/listen to. 859sportsradio/Mark Wehry did a great job as usual. Got even better with the guest pairing of Terry Niehaus from HC Sports Radio sitting in. Thanks guys! Big key of game to me was HC Dylan Arlinghaus in foul trouble whole game. Haven’t seen final stats, but felt like HC just couldn’t establish real control on the boards. Hicks needs help down low. If he gets that, this team will make a deep run. But if NCC could hit foul shots, this game was about 10 pts IMO. Good luck to both wrapping up season heading into Districts.
  12. FYI. Transfer rules state 1 calendar year from actual date of last Varsity competition in that Varsity sport. I know, we just lived it in 2019. With the KHSAA rule changes that took effect in 2019 though, you CAN play Varsity in other sports. I know a lot of people magically get around this, but we didn’t. Just giving one perspective. 😎
  13. My first thought was maybe he read through all the BGP posts and said whoa Nelly! Either way Highlands should be happy this happened now. Still plenty of time to find a good coach and keep program on annual calendar (off season and such).
  14. To me, yes. Just don’t think BW can or should be above them until the QB situation is solidified, and we see a few games. That said, as evidenced in the title game, there are many contributors on the team that can and will offset the loss of Cam. BW will be tough to beat, especially score on. That Defense held LCA last year, and Cam had nothing to do with that. 😎
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