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  1. In part, yes. In part, We should be very upset at our leadership. For example, Ohio is wrapping up playoffs. We have year to begin. Adults need to make decisions, not delay and avoid making them continuously. Just my two cents. Praying we can finish this crazy year. 🤷‍♂️
  2. You can’t expect kids to improve in areas they cannot control, which is size. BW is very small upfront. Take Slusher out (6’5” 280 lbs), and Nachazel at 240 (?) is biggest lineman. Do they have room to get better, yes. But give some credit where credit is due. Whole unit has really stepped up game IMO.
  3. I can tell you from watching him that the majority of the time, the penalty happens away from ball, other side of field, etc. Penalties that have zero impact on play. Discipline issues on special teams. Just my two cents from watching in person.
  4. This Beechwood team is Loaded. And all I read on here early this year was worry about line. How bout them boys in the trenches? Seems to be a non issue now that playing 5A/6A Teams is over. I’m feeling a big run, COVID allowing for course.
  5. Never seen or heard about a kid like McClendon having so many career returns for TDs called back. I swear it’s at least 1 a week. It’s staggering, and gotta be a record of some kind. Illustrates how he is on a completely different level than everything else on the field.
  6. In reality, tonight’s games may be the final of the season. People need to be prepared for that, and with the maps turning Red all over. We have all known since March there would be a 2nd wave during traditional flu season, and that’s now upon us. We should be wrapping up playoffs from a shortened season right now, instead, we are desperately trying to finish a delayed start regular season because adults couldn’t formulate a plan earlier. Very sad situation, and not placing blame. But needs to be a lesson learned for the future. You cannot hide and hope these things go away, they do not Good luck tonight everyone, stay safe, and as BroseofStalin says above, start praying...... 😎
  7. Big Cam fan. Kid does an incredible job with constant pressure from his blind side. Creates, leads, and come through in clutch better than any HS QB I’ve seen in quite a while. That being said, Mr. Football should be awarded to an all around force IMO. I know that’s not the rules or criteria, so no need to correct me. but as stated above, CovCath’s Mayer is great example. Dominant or impactful from both sides of the ball. If not, rename it the “Offensive Player of the Year” award...... 😎
  8. Brandon McClendon has probably had 20+ career returns for TDs that I know of personally pulled back because of penalties and lack of discipline By teammates. Kid is a beast. It’s really a shame for him. Keep grinding young man.
  9. They are. Very strong, and don’t hide they are coming at you......
  10. Two young men that I know for sure gathering D1 interest. Both Juniors. Beechwood - Luke Slusher. 6’5” 280 lbs. RT/NT. Drawing Interest from Louisville, Miami, Cincinnati, Marshall, Akron, and more. 5 Def Sacks thru week 4. Dixie Heights - “Mr Pancake” T Evan Wibberly. Huge reason for Dixie’s Success. Also 6’5”, and just a beast. Also on UC’s radar for sure. Ryle - Matt Mason C. Class of 2020. Don’t know personally but very strong player IMO. LOVE THIS THREAD. The trenches don’t get enough recognition!
  11. Dixie is legit. Run game is punishing. Rohlman is strong and had a big night. Landers played very good too, and had some great throws to very good receivers. Was really impressed watching Wibberly on line. A lot of talent on that squad 4th week in a row for Beechwood playing up and they more than held their own. IMO, also showed and took its toll. It was evident from get go that Dixie’s gameplan was to run downhill, and Slusher took the toll for the D-Line With double/triple teams all night Upfront, Punishing game in the trenches, but the Beechies held their own. Big plays from Berger and a huge kick return / answer for Parker Mason after Dixie had an 88 yd strike to seemingly put game away. Big positive seeing Hatfield back on field (lost in CovCath game). Honestly, great game to watch, even though I was watching from the Beechwood side. A LOT of talent on the field. Both of these teams should make a good run in late 2020.
  12. Heard McClendon is hurt, and 3 other seniors were out for last week. Anyone got an injury report of update for this week?
  13. Saw this earlier this week. $15. https://boxcast.tv/view/beechwood-vs-dixie-656160
  14. I see where your coming from here, and agree on most points. Key for me here will be in the trenches. Can Wibberly and crew enable Landers to excel? Or will Slusher and crew enable Hergott to excel? Both teams have good D’s and pretty even. My only worry for BW is the Ironman football Against another 6A school. If they can control line and pace Of game, I think BW wins. BW is loaded with athletes, and can match Dixie there. Move the chains Regularly and BW pulls Out another 6A win. If Dixie controls the clock, could be trouble. Either way it goes, gonna be a great game I’m sure. Lots of talent on both teams. Good luck to all, especially my boys Wibbs and Slush Pup!
  15. Fair enough. Agree to disagree. All I know is I saw a great game Friday night, between two evenly matched teams regardless of class assignments. Both teams should walk away heads held high.
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