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  1. BTW - hope this trend continues (probably only until Memorial day) but gas at my exit is now $2.32...
  2. @Irish Cat - it might be, but I was not familiar with it...
  3. GREAT THREAD! I love downloading podcasts and this is a great way of finding out about new ones! thanks! me: Nobody listens to Paula Poundstone Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me Fresh Air Coast 2 Coast AM Dice Funk Bad times, Good Stories Ask me Another
  4. Newark, you must be the only one that watches anything, judging from the last 3 pages lol... me: Lucifer Arrow How to get away with Murder Grace and Frankie
  5. M&Ms for me. Funny (or scary) story - don't know why because this was "programmed" into my brain probably before I was five (going on 60 now), but whenever I hear Jazz saxophone, either alto or tenor, I get a craving for M&Ms...
  6. It could also be a regional thing - a friend of mine is from Toledo, went up there once and found that they butter their burger buns, sort of like Texas toast. Tasted pretty good... probably not healthy because it was a burger, ha
  7. Gas in my area of Birmingham (Leeds) is $2.38.
  8. I like this thread! A lot of interesting books and you get to ask people what a book is about and what they liked/disliked about it...
  9. I think you all should take this with a grain of salt; you never know the background or back story of the person with a local newspaper. Some "local" towns are still pretty large and sophisticated, say Bowling Green or Owensboro, etc, but then you have really small town papers that have who-knows working for them. I was one of those small town guys. In fact, I was still in high school and was thrilled to be doing it for free, I still have very fond memories of that time today. Add to that, I was the team statistician (which helped with my home team stories), and in the pep band (in small schools, you do everything, lol)... I would sit at that scorers' table, working with the stats, all the while cheering/cussing, having the time of my life. Funny thing is, a friend statistician from a rival school would sit beside me and yell for his team too. Now when I wrote the recaps, I did my best to report the games in a neutral manner. Not sure whether I was successful, but man it was a blast.
  10. " I’m interested in seeing what Carlos Bailey can get done surrounding this case. " Off subject, but I live and work in Birmingham, with a Carlos Bailey. Not a very common name, it's weird to see someone's name in a different context...
  11. Seems like Union County has always been a wrestling dynasty - they were a big name when I was a UK freshman in 1977, and here it is 40 years later, and they're still going strong. Congrats Union County! Not up on today's powers, but in my day, Hoptown, Christian County, Trinity, St X, Woodford, Boone County were up there too (and a few more regulars). what REALLY gets me, is UK was ranked #4 (mainly because of the Carr family), and they dropped the sport in the middle of that season! Who drops a program that is ranked in the top 5?!? I know people will blame Title IX, but I understand there were other options that could've been chosen, but the all-mighty dollar dictated the events that came. Sorry, seems like I rant anytime I get on here, didn't mean to hijack the thread!
  12. I had a rant all ready to unleash upon the masses, ha - but instead I'll just say I totally agree with a previous poster who stated that ANY activity, sports or otherwise, that keeps kids interested in school and learning is fantastic... For the record, just because there is something you aren't familiar with doesn't mean it isn't out there - another poster had raised the question to the gist of "if the KHSAA doesn't sponsor it, it isn't a sport." Georgia's governing body includes all of their traditional sports, but also includes One Act Play, Literary, ESPORTS, Dance, Wheelchair sports and more! Growing up as a band kid, I think it's GREAT that these kids get the support and recognition they need & deserve. As a student and a teacher I have seen too many kids treated as afterthoughts. Not cool. Remember, these other activities do not take away from your child or school and their chosen sport, at the risk of being labeled a bleeding heart; it just isn't an "either or" scenario. And I don't think sports will be hurt by all of these other activities... peace
  13. Hey, the Powell County schedule on the Herald-Leader site shows someone else coaching; has coach Fraley resigned or retired? Heard this was his last season...
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