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  1. Denzel Washington or Sean Connery.
  2. Hard to forget the other loss though.
  3. Good luck to everyone hitting the woods in the morning! Hope your seasons are the best ever for you.
  4. It seems Dana White likes that behavior, he let his boy Conner say and do whatever he wanted. So I don’t see anything coming of Covington’s disrespect of the Hall of Famer.
  5. RiverBend, I believe 1987, Metallica opened up for Ozzy.
  6. Have a red S10 , a tan Dodge Ram and a silver Dodge Ram .
  7. Amen OlDog !! Topped off with a big ol glass of cold milk !
  8. Just about anything that goes good with a big cold glass of milk !
  9. Beechwood has not been in many close games for a save opportunity. If you look at stats on other teams there are not many saves in high school or not recorded anyway .
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