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  1. Ooof Bold prediction. Ryle is struggling but played 2 teams wayyyy better than Coopers opponents. Multiple D1 athletes for both Cov and Lex Cath. You forget about the scrimmage where Ryle was 3 scores better, yes Cooper had players out. If you’re saying Cooper is now 3 scores better, will those missing players make up for 6 scores? Ryle contained Lee pretty good in that scrimmage.
  2. So in a nut shell you are saying Cooper will beat Ryle this season?
  3. Trinity will stop their running clock streak........wait, they won’t play them. I take it back
  4. CCH Defense is too good to allow Cooper to run. I’ll bet they put some serious pressure on the young QB and keep him from getting outside. Prob a bunch of 3 and outs
  5. They still have some burners in Elijah Cusick and Max Inabnit. They can get the edge. Boone has a stud LB but he will have to play side line to side line on Friday
  6. Just add Miles to the list of ASAP D1 athletes. I’ve said it on other posts, kids are missing the boat If they don’t train at ASAP. He single handedly got my son D1 offers. Made him quick and athletic. Trained him to run a 4.8 40 yd dash at a camp when he was 16 yrs old and 6’4” 255 lb Olineman. The coach told me he offered because he could moves. ASAP creates the measuresables that D1 coaches love. Congrats to Dionte and his Fam !!!
  7. Apparently Cal Preps are SK haters, either that or they must live in Triple Crown, lol
  8. I disagree with your last point. I watched him at practice when he was in 8th grade. Just about every practice and game (my son was a 7th grader playing at the time). He was making varsity level passes as an 8th grader. If he would have stayed at Ryle, there was a good chance he would have started all 4 years. His passes had a noise to them, they whistled. I knew right then and there that he would be A D1 talent. Pretty accurate as an 8th grader too.
  9. Parker Bisek Ryle 2018 OL U of Toledo Grey Shirt, will join team January 2019
  10. So was Coach Engler a QB Guru at Lex Cath or not?? Was he just an OC that had good talent?
  11. Couldn’t agree more. That’s why I mentioned he needed to start guru’ing as he has not done up to this point. You are right, the skills and Offensive Line has been solid. There have been 6 D1 lineman in the past 6 years and the current freshman appear to be big too. Tanner and Chiz are freak players who can make bad coaches look good and bad players look better. You are spot on.
  12. Eventhough I was looking for drama and entertainment in my earlier post, your right, it is refreshing to see positive SK responses. But I still like to be entertained. You bring up another good point about SK squeaking out the win. It made me think of last year when SK squeaked our wins against Highlands and Beachwood. They have a knack for squeaking them out. Apparently The football gods smile upon Independance. Good for he players but bad for he coaches and parents I’m sure. But I’ve always thought that close W’s and L’s builds character. Let’s all come to a consensus on SK posts, how about 50/50. 50% drama and 50% positive. That way I can still be entertained. Lol
  13. This does not surprise me. The current soph’s as Freshman scheduled super tough last year. So those that played today were probably ready. The current Freshman at Ryle are big and athletic. I think the future is bright at Ryle. Coach Engler was toughted out of Lex Cath as a QB guru, so he needs to start guru’ing. If he does, I like what the future holds. If he doesn’t start guru’ing, then the will be a continual #2/#3 maybe even #4 NKY team as Cov Cath continues to be strong, SK is SK and Highlands rebuilds. Can’t leave out Campbell county either. I really think Coach E could just concentrate on QBs and let his coaches be coaches.
  14. Come on guys, what Gives?? No action in this Post. In years past, SK posts always brought much drama and entertainment to this site. Where is everybody?? Entertain me !!!!
  15. AJ a great player and IMO one of the best overall athletes ever in NKY, has been replaced. But replaced at QB. This kids performance vs Ryle was impressive as a Soph. At the end of the season his stats may be better than AJ’s as a Soph. Kid has tools around him but that’s not his fault, that’s the coaches fault. Someone better pay this coach big $$$ ornsomeone is gonna snatch him up.
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