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  1. The video description says Spring 2013. Keita would be 13 at the time with his December 1999 birthday.
  2. It was 85*degrees in there at last year's boys summer state tournament. So hot that KBA was giving away free icees.
  3. "Everyone already knows it’s a consolation into a central system. Once all the schools are combined they’re simply a single county school." Floyd County still has two other high schools. Betsy Layne Prestonsburg.
  4. Top 10 Players 1.) Isaac Caudill - Knott County Central 2.) Caleb Bonny - Estill County 3.) Deven Stone - Wolfe County 4.) Noah Back - Perry County Central 5.) Camron Jones - Knott County Central 6.) Oumar Keita - Cordia 7.) Wade Pelfrey - Hazard 8.) Austin Bennett - Buckhorn 9.) Kareem McDonald - Cordia 10.) Tyler Dixon - Leslie County TOP 10 TEAMS 1.) Knott County Central 2.) Perry County Central 3.) Estill County 4.) Wolfe County 5.) Hazard 6.) Cordia 7.) Brethitt County 8.) Leslie County 9.) Powell County 10.) Letcher County Central Anyone have the 15th Region? Thanks
  5. Bless his heart that could have been much worse. Prayers and a speedy recovery for him.
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