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  1. Scott Athletics already warning people that the gym could be at max capacity.
  2. I though KY teams were only allowed to play teams that were in other state athletic associations?
  3. It's okay Mustang. Maybe next year you can sport a record over 7-13. Not to mention a weak schedule and wins over Bellevue, the Grove, Ludlow and Calvary. Once again, not impressive win over a 3-15 Harrison County crew. Goodnight.
  4. Why is everybody downing the program? Isn't FD getting some athletes from Henry Clay and Bryan Station since FD was built for the overcrowding at those schools?
  5. Scott lost to South Laurel in the first round of the Lex Cath tournament. Second time this season they lost to SL (one of the best teams in the state and that also beat Cov Cath) after that loss they won 3 games in 3 days against two region contenders (Muhlenberg and Sheldon Clark) and Manual. Then proceeded to go on and win three straight against two NKY rivals (Simon Kenton and Holmes) and a tough Boone County. So your statement is wrong, Scott should be ranked above Paris due to Strength of Schedule. Unfortunately we do not have a measure to rank these two teams against eachother because they only time they'd see eachother is the Regional tourney.
  6. Thinking this will be a closer game than expected. Campbell should have blown Conner out of the water and yet they only won by 2. Still have Campbell winning though.
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