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  1. Agreed on the concessions, high school students with little to no knowledge of taking/ preparing an order. Stood about 20 minutes after ordering for a hot chocolate.
  2. Pikeville at home defeated Raceland in the Region semis in 2012. Raceland at home defeated Pikeville for the Region Championship in 2013.
  3. Semifinals should be hosted halfway between two schools. My senior year we were a 1 seed and had to travel almost 4 hours for our game.
  4. Sounds like some shotty clock work down in Paris
  5. 1. Russell- Played for TJ 2. Greenup County- Scott Grizzle was one of my Coaches 3. Ashland 4. Rock Hill OH 5. Ironton OH
  6. I can't complain about a 33 point win with our starting running back resting. Rams will be ready to play next week no doubt!
  7. For some reason Open's fans doesn't travel very well.
  8. You all wouldn't believe the amount of flags thrown against the Rams.
  9. If the Rams execute like they have been they win by at least 2 touchdowns if not more. I think Raceland's offense makes the difference in this one.
  10. Watching film I think Raceland definitely has the advantage on the offensive and defensive lines. If we can control the line of scrimmage and catch the ball i firmly believe Raceland can win by 2 touchdowns or more. Raceland 28 Ashland 14. Time for a statement by this Ram team.
  11. I look forward to see how they respond in a tough environment next week.
  12. West has had 5 or 6 kids cramp up. Rams wearing them down.
  13. Rams defense playing decent. Offensive line has some work to do. They will get it sured up. Rams intercept West as I'm typing this.
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