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  1. Likely a snooze fest. Kes coaches two styles. Slow and molasses. First team to 51(or more than NDA's average), wins. His coaching style is exactly the reason that high school needs to initiate a shot clock. Bring your Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy.
  2. Boyd has been probably over ranked all year, so there was more pressure on them to do well at state than reasonable. They shot way over their average against Ryle and Highlands in Lexington and suddenly they're a top team in state. Over ranked? Suddenly? This team went to the state semifinals last year, winning 29, won 28 this year, lost to the two state finalists in WV, beat Mercer, the defending state champs, and beat Dixie, Highlands, and Ryle (where you imply they just kept getting lucky). Kind of difficult to schedule much harder on a daily basis, as they are in the 16th and a long drive from the better teams in the state. They lost a tough game to a good team. Give em' some credit.
  3. Tough, tough break for Browning and Male, with Browning out for the tournament due to illness. Next player up!
  4. Here's what I do know. He coached my daughter, and he did a great job. He is one of the most positive people you will ever meet. He loves soccer like crazy, and wants to develop players and people. He generously gives his time to coaching. He is an expert on physical development and training and nutrition and shares his passion and knowledge for these areas as well as soccer. I trust him implicitly and explicitly to do the right thing for these young ladies. I'll be rooting for this team.
  5. Too much athleticism from GRC along with one of the better points in the state. Igo pretty much drove GRC to a win over Scott through force of will. All 7 they play can put the ball on the floor. When they all turn up their defensive intensity, they can compete with anyone in the state.
  6. Could be the game of the tournament. Wheeler plays every game like its a championship game. Hence, she absolutely earned Miss Basketball honors. If Browning plays up to her potential, this game likely goes to Male. Understand that this is a team game, but Browning has the ability to overwhelm. Whoever wins should cruise to the championship game.
  7. What's not right here is you analysis. First, are you suggesting that Boyd County is a bad team? Second, Should the Wheeler family have packed up and moved to Louisville to play for Butler/Male/Sacred Heart etc. so the strength of schedule could have been better? Boyd county is in Eastern Kentucky! C'mon Man! When they did play Ryle, what happened(Boyd County victory for the uninformed)? Also, I think you saw last year that Mykassa Robinson wasn't mentioned as a top candidate for Miss Basketball even though she had a great year in a remote part of the state(same part of the state as Wheeler). Who's contributing more now at Louisville?(nothing against Robins who is a great player as well) Third, Selfish??? While Paynter is a great player, Wheeler has higher percentages in two point, three point, free throws and more rebounds per game(from the point). Isn't that the player you want with the ball in her hands? Brings the ball up the court every time. Assists and Steals aren't listed, but I guarantee Wheeler is dominant in these categories. Oh, and she gets to the free throw line over 10 times/game, which kinda helps when the opposition has to throw their best defender on her to try to contain her. You called her one dimensional in an earlier post. That's far from realistic. Implying Wheeler is selfish is flat out wrong. Boyd lost to Ashland Blazer by 17 without Wheeler. With Wheeler, they beat Blazer by 26. Schwartz is great, but for my money Wheeler is easily the biggest impact player in the state right now. Take Schwartz away from Ryle, you still have a top ten team. Take Wheeler away from Boyd, you would be hard pressed to have them in the top twenty five.
  8. [quote name= 15. Webster County 16. South Laurel 17. Simon Kenton 18. Anderson County 19. South Laurel 20. Bardstown Having South Laurel ranked 16, and South Laurel only ranked 19 is a joke! Everyone knows that with a coach like South Laurel has, they will ALWAYS beat South Laurel.
  9. Have to give MND some love because they won the "game I am so sorry I missed".....69-18 over our friends from the wrong side of the Licking(CC for the geographically challenged).
  10. Gotta call this one out! Really don't know any high school coaches that don't care about the kids and winning. They're not doing it for the money... C'MON MAN! This coach, however, can push it a smidge over the top. Last year he scouts a rival by bringing his starting five and sitting in the first row behind the scoutee's bench. First, have just a little respect. Second, when rival coach has the entire JV sit/stand directly in front of him/starting five, he cries to the AD on site.....another C'MON MAN!!! Take it back to Claryville...
  11. Kiki is going to have a great career. Solid solid player with great will and killer instincts. And just maybe she can get me race tickets!
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