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  1. You called it! Demarco had a great game! Barfstown WINS! I'm so excited I forgot the score!:fight: It was a knockout! (second half). Congratulations Tigers on your first trip to tha state tournament in 38?? years!
  2. I second that! God Bless the soldiers and their families!
  3. Now that's not a fair statement. Sure it's a different team, just as Joey Downs' teams were different from Garnis Martin's teams. And I can assure you, they didn't have to go up against the size and caliber of teams that Bardstown is playing this year. There will be no coasting in any week this year. Bardstown will have to fight hard for every win, and will have to improve every week, but I'll bet you on this- the Tigers will be ready at the end of the season. Bardstown 21 John Hardin 20
  4. Bardstown played a heck of a game, had the chance to win many times but kept falling short, this is a different team then last week you can tell the coaching staff got after the tigers this week in practice, and dont forget tigers Warren East is a really good team.
  5. The team will be okay... the game has been played, they need to look forward, work hard and focus on each week ahead. Do the work and we'll be okay! Do Work!!!!!
  6. This kid is amazing! If his work ethic stays on course with what it has been so far this season- the colleges should begin to take notice! Kebbie is fast, quick and has more moves than anybody I've seen for the past 20 years. He's going to make this a very exciting season for Bardstown fans.
  7. so what you're saying is there's no such thing as a rivalry on the field, but also respect and friendship off the field? I appreciate that kind of passion:fire: Maybe we should get alittle more vicious down here in B-town:fight: Thanks for the feedback! Now, since I'm not a NCC or HHS fan, I guess I'll just move along...:walk:
  8. Well, sticky mitts, I guess I can't help you there, maybe it was a bit over your head!
  9. I like this thread! It makes me think of the boys I know from Bardstown/ Bethlehem. When they play against each other- they leave it all out there on the field. But when the game is over, they meet outside the locker room and head out together for the night. They give the losing team about a half hour to get over the hurt of losing, then proceed to mercilessly make fun of each other for the rest of the night.:ylsuper: I guess that comes from being in a small town and having played together at some point in youth sports. Also the mutual respect of the talents of each other. Don't get me
  10. Oh, and how can I forget the return of all-state center Jeremy Gesser?
  11. The Tigers this year have some challenges for sure. They have a much tougher schedule, they need to fill some holes with the loss of A. J. Lewis, Paul Downs, Wenquel Graves and Brant Sheckles, and a new head coach. But what they have working in their favor is the return of solid performers like Kebe Scott, a bigger, stronger Ted Mattingly, a solid, capable QB Alex Smith, a talented Rashaun Phillips, return of reciever Andy Smith, Rashaud Barber the addition of kicker Logan Edelen, a strong line including Jeff Helton and the usual Bardstown speed. The defense will include all these guys and
  12. today the Tiger football team was told that the football coach was goin to be the offensive coordinator David Clark
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