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  1. Campbell county must not be to bad they beat Highlands.
  2. Just because a kid is on a D1 team does not mean he will ever play very much .I would rather go to a smaller school and play instead of riding the pine at a big school.
  3. Campbell County has a lot of injuries. They started the game with 3 starters on the bench and lost another early in the game.They have had to bring up girls from JV to help out.
  4. Don't care so much for the rankings unless you are number 1 at the end of the season.
  5. Come on Man. Campbell county was pitching Freshman and 8th graders.
  6. How do you teach defense to kids that never had to play it in a short amount of time?
  7. Campbell county used to lose players to Highlands. I wonder how many they have now.
  8. Far from the run ruled game predicted by the X faithful. Alot of people underestimated the heart and fight in these boys. Maybe now they can get the respect they deserve.
  9. One of the teams in the lower bracket run ruled a team that beat X this season. Doesn't sound to weak to me.
  10. Kids in the dugout lost it when the trainer finished cleaning up and stopping the bleeding on Colton he turned to the dugout with fist clenched and yelled Let's Go.
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