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  1. HC has never beaten BW and 8 times out of the last 10 years it has been a beating. Really. BW should not be playing this game.
  2. Does Ludlow shock the Beechies this year?
  3. 46-21. Running clock by the Neers. BW varsity scores vs. the SK JV in 2nd half.
  4. They will beat Dixie FOR SURE. Dixie is one dimensional and their defense leaves quite a bit to be desired. HHS will get the Mueller-type win. 56-14.
  5. And a really bad Dixie team beat Conner. NCC would maul Dixie.
  6. No smack talk here. Remains to be seen in Week 10.
  7. The HHS line was impressive. Holes were huge and, aside from the lack of interest in attempting to recover the onsides kick, the Birds played mistake-free football. Dale would've never lost a game like this. I'm happy that SK won but it exposed them. They will work hard to fix their issues. We'll see how it shakes out for the last 4 games.
  8. To put things in perspective, SK played the worst possible game they could have played. Wilson was impressive running the ball for Highlands and the tackling for SK was awful. The Birds Oline controlled the LOS. Turnovers will kill. SK had 3 fumbles. The one that was muffed on the punt was the worst. They overcame. Barely.
  9. Nothing wrong with that. Albeit a terrible game by the Pioneers it was an exciting finish.
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