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  1. FWIW, I'm just going to post my thoughts on Beechwood season this past year and overall as a program. Regardless of the outcome this year, as many can agree it was disappointing, the Beechwood school and football program as a whole is one of the most elite in the state. I'm not specifically talking coaching in that aspect but from a facility, talent in 1A, and product they provide on the field each year they are definitely one of the most reputable football schools around. I think we can all agree that majority of parents around NKY area would have minimal doubts about the quality of education and or student athlete experience their children would have at Beechwood. Now with that being said, it's very clear that the Rash regime hasn't dominated as most would like to see such as the Yeagle regime. First, I think everyone must take a look at how high school football has changed over the years. 10 years ago barely any schools had turf and going back even further most high school teams/games were dominated by the run. Now in high school, college, and pros a lot of schools/teams are turning to spread style offenses and QB's are the most decorated players at any level. Not that QB's never were but RB's careers are becoming shorter and shorter and QB's like Manning, Brady, and Favre are playing into their 40's at a very high level. In the NFL we have some solid RB's like AP however, I feel like 10 to 20 years ago we had a plethora of great RB's. Just a thought but could the mold of old typical Beechwood regime being a run first team and now clearly this teams needs to be a pass first team be causing some of the issue? From what I have seen over Rash's regime is that they prefer to be a run first team and defense oriented. I feel bad for some of the kids who have to hear that BW defense this year was the let down because, imo, in the critical games they lost it was the offense that couldn't convert. For example, BW held Franklin County in the 20's and offense couldn't convert in second half and down the stretch. Against CCH they held them in the 20's but again the offense couldn't convert. Dixie they got off to a hot start and then failed to put any points up in the second half. NCC they jumped out to a 21-point lead and again failed to score down the stretch. Also, in the NCC game their defense generated turnovers that led to the points...The defense even had two critical stops down the stretch and one resulted in a missed field goal. You can't expect your defense to stop a good team 3 straight possessions when NCC gets the ball three times on Beechwood's side of the field. I guess to sum up what I am saying is that I personally don't think the defense is the reason for BW's struggles this year. For one, everyone I can hope agree that BW just struggled to establish a solid running game against GOOD teams. Sure they ran all over the teams they steam rolled but against the better teams they lost to or struggled with it was evident a consistent running game was lacking. I got the impression that BW and it's coaching staff just kept trying and trying to make it known that they could run the ball but at what point do u decide, hey we just aren't a run first team this year and instead really buy in to your soph. QB who has stud capabilities? I find it kind of funny how the article before the Frankfort game said that BW had a plethora of solid WR's yet BW completed I think 3 passes against Frankfort? How does that happen? As a coaching staff when you don't enforce your strengths on your opponent how can you expect a favorable outcome? It was clear that studer was the best RB in terms of hitting the holes and getting short yardage. Stringer, imo, isn't an every down back that needs 20 carries a game, at least not yet, and honestly he may be more explosive as a slot wr and third down back. When he runs he doesn't like to hit the holes and tends to try and break outside. Studer the complete opposite loves contact and will run it down your throat. With Studer going out early against Frankfort obviously changed the game plan but I don't feel confident in saying that the BW staff really recognized the loss of studer and adjusted accordingly. I feel like Feiger just really couldn't get going and as a coaching staff even if it takes a couple quick out routes or whatever necessary but you have to get him in some sort of rhythm. A couple play calls BW was throwing 30-yard passes rather than focusing on moving the chains.... Another change that wasn't made until late in the 4th quarter was to add another defensive lineman and only use two cornerbacks and a safety. BW kept using 4 defensive backs and not crowding the box every play. Everyone on the field and in the stands knew Frankfort was going to run 85% of the time so why not force them to throw? If they beat you throwing you can tip your cap and say hey they made it happen but when you let a team use their strengths to beat you.... I fail to see how that is a good strategy? :ohbrother: Even if Frankfort knew you were sending every defensive player on a blitz at least make them throw the ball. It got tiresome watching #44 get 5 to 8 yards every carry. Beechwood is a 1A school and whether they win or lose state titles the excuse being young will never suffice in my book simply because the majority of Beechwood teams that are going to be capable of winning titles will be young regardless. They just don't have the numbers, more times then not, to be a veteran team. Sometimes this will occur but most of the time it won't. Beechwood has to rely on some of the younger and more talented players to step in vital roles. It just the way it is at a 1A school. It's not a Trinity or GCL type school with those type of numbers and talent. Another poster alluded to the fact that the upper classman had enough talent to win a state title but that not all-upper classman were utilized because coaching staff was focused on using the outstanding soph. class. I agree with this in terms of BW not fully utilizing some of their players. Although BW had a solid amount of WR’s I felt like it became diluted rather than establishing a solid core. I believe that in any sport at the High School level you need to develop those go to guys in crunch time. I don’t believe the coaching staff ever really did that. I agree it’s nice to have all kinds of options but I feel like by using 7 or 8 WR’s it was a detriment to some of the more talented WR’s on the team. A great coaching staff will find creative ways to get their most talented players involved at maximum capacity and I’m not so sure BW did that. At times they really utilized stokes but then in other games they didn’t. I just don’t see why you don’t go with the best option all the time?! With all of this being said, Rash is a great teacher on and off the field there is no doubt about that. At BW, players, students, parents, fans, administration expect championships and when they come up short no one is satisfied. This is a solid testament to the high expectations, which is great in terms of constantly trying improve the program, but we also need to be realistic with ourselves. As it was mentioned in this thread, the majority of these kids aren’t going to the pros so the most important thing is that they become better men who are prepared for the rest of their lives. I believe Rash demands the respect necessary and teaches life lessons, however with the resume he has built at BW, I would have to say it’s been good but not great. I think improvements can definitely be made and it’s obvious that the program hasn’t been going up rather down the last few years. Just because that’s the case doesn’t mean that the entire staff needs a renovation but it’s definitely evident that evaluating some changes couldn’t hurt…
  2. 7 Carroll County 5 Beechwood 3 Scott 2 Connor 1 Newport Tiebreaker: Carroll County
  3. 7 CCH 5 LLoyd 3 Dixie Heights 2 Holmes 1 Dayton TB Lloyd 1st Tiebreaker 2nd Tiebreaker: Time of post.
  4. From what I have witnessed, I to struggle to see some of the play call/personnel decisions being made. Against the 1A school BW plays they can get away with throwing the ball/running the ball to who ever because majority of the time they win by a large margin. But when BW plays larger schools and better competition it makes more sense to find ways to get the best players on the field, proper rest, and most importantly the BALL in their hands. Some of the play calling I have seen is very suspect and inconsistent. Both on O and D. I believe BW has very solid DB's yet I feel like they over use zone coverage. It is known BW struggles against the run as seen against CCH, however I feel like I rarely see the D line up in man coverage. The same goes with Offense - #3 Max Shover has been as consistent as they come - and mentioned in this thread against CCH is the 8 drops by WR's and the one leading to a Int...Now if you have a kid that is solid at WR, doesn't have drops and is one of your better players then why are you not finding ways to get him the ball. Time and time again I see BW going to I guess what they feel is comfortable but it's the same type of plays to same people getitng same results. I just don't see the progression. Every now and then you will see a wrinkle but to be honest it isn't enough for my liking. That makes an easy scout and your failing to keep your most potent offensive weapons involved. The move of Stokes to backfield/Full back has been great and another weapon in the arsenal - (we need more imporvising imo). Stringer is dangerous in the open field but seem to consisntely run him through holes up in middle. He is more effective on sweep plays or screen passes like a 3rd down back where as studer is probably the best hole runner on the team because he invites contact. All in all I just feel like BW is under utilizing soem of their better talent and should be getting their best players involved without question. Just seems like they have a mold their comfortable with and stick to it. Glad to see Burns gettign involved as he didn't really see much action first couple games of the year.
  5. I agree with the location and class size comparison with NCC and Highlands but lets also keep in mind that throughout history the CCh/BW rivalry has been much closer. I don't know the NCC Highlands all time record against each other however the BW/CCH is much more competitive than NCC/Highlands match up. Highlands is on a whole other level when it comes to football.
  6. I believe the underlying issue with the "MEN vs boys" comment is exactly wht you mentioned (highlighted in bold). It comes across that CCH is much superior than BW in football and that these kids at BW don't belong on the same field. In my opinion, it is wrong to say that because BW is one of the best small schools in the state of KY that is ABLE to compete with much larger schools. Their history and records speak for itself. CCH has had the upperhand as of late however there was a time before that where CCH was down and BW dominted. I believe fans are failing to recognize that talent pools come in waves. Now CCH has a much better chance of landing consistent talent pools than does BW, given the school size. That is just pure facts. Not only that but BW has their best players going both ways, they have to in order to be at their best, it's just the reality. CCH has the luxury of being able to rest top tier talent such as Sam Dressman only palying offense. It's tough for both schools to lose to each other because they are separated by a few miles and as the Old Guy mentioned there are so many kids/parents/coaches/fans that all have relation of some sort to each other. There are kids that start at BW and leave to go to CCH and kids that start in CCH feeder schools and leave to go to BW. It's a rivalry with a record close to .500 between the too over the course of them playing each other. Why in the world would anyone want to stop that special tradition? As far as the size of the kids from each school I believe it's standard to think that CCH should have bigger players. The population of 600 boys is so significant to BW's. Reality is they will generally be a bigger team. Just because they are bigger at some positions doesn't mean they shouldn't play. Sometimes smaller teams are better than larger teams so lets not forget that as well. I don't believe any player on BW was simply outmatched due to CCH size except for the line. BW defensive backs/LB's were generally the same as CCH. Same with WR's, RB's, and QB's. The only noticeable difference that everyone in the stands and watching on TV could see was #9 Sam Dressman. 6'5'' 200+ lbs. that is a MAN out there. Other than that you could certainly say the line at CCH was bigger than BW but that's about it, IMO. With all of that being said and comparing these two particular teams it is my belief that BW as a whole have just as good if not better WR's/DB's. I would give the edge to CCH in LB's and both OL and DL just because of size and depth. But position players at QB, RB, WR, and DB's BW is just as good if not better than CCH in those areas. The main difference when comparing the two is simply #9, period. Best player on the field hands down.
  7. When an injury for Bwood occurs to a player that starts both ways it's simply much more significant to their team than for CCH because majority of their players don't go both ways. Also, they don't have the depth of a 4A school to pick from, it's a numbers game. As for the CCH QB Ben Dressman had a solid game, so there wasn't much of a drop off there. And I can assure you that when Sam Dressman runs the ball for CCH he's by far their best option at RB and by far their best option at WR.
  8. Injuries happen and in this case for both sides. So comparing what could of been doesn't mean much in my opinion. CCH missing QB, RB, and WR while BW is missing their starting RB and LB. Two of Beechwoods main issues are their running game and their LB's. They had to move Evert to LB who didn't play LB last year at all. Let's also keep in mind not all of CCH's players go both ways. So not only does Beechwood lose a starting RB but also a starting defensive back. Same with LB who was used on offensive as well. CCH is fortunate that older Dressman only plays offense. I disagree with the dominated part. They sustained long drives that resulted in TD's while Beechwood didn't. It's tough to put points on the board when you turn it over and you aren't running as many offensive plays as the other team. Turnover differential was 3 possessions and technically beechwood lost by 3 possessions. Again it wasn't like BW couldn't move the ball against the Colonel D, I believe that is what everyone is failing to see despite the 4 turnovers. I'll pose this question to you Clyde, if older Dressman "The Man amongst boys on both teams regardless" was on Beechwood you still think CCH, using your term "dominates" Beechwood? My point as a whole that CCH vs Beechwood isn't Men amongst boys, my point is there is ONE kid on CCH that dominated BW and it showed to be the difference in the ball game.
  9. And if its Men vs boys...answer this...if Sam Dressman #9 was suiting up for the Tigers in last nights game and not CCH....what is the outcome? My point being is that the MEN vs boys argument isn't as big as it is being portrayed because if ONE player is on the other team the outcome of this game is exceptionally different in my opinion. He was the biggest factor in the game besides Beechwood having 4 turnovers.
  10. Let's also keep in mind it wasn't like Beechwood simply couldn't move the ball. They took the opening drive about 40 to 50 yards no problem but turned it over. It's clear Beechwood's running game was nonexistent but honestly it wasn't any different in any other game compared to CCH. The running game improved a little against FC and Holmes but it wasn't like it was a huge improvement. Losing Thomas, a sr. RB, is a significant blow to Beechwood and makes a pretty big difference. Stringer is young and more of a 3rd down back/slot guy and studer has a knee injury but still playing. Feiger was able to complete passes against CCH D let's not forget that.
  11. I couldn't disagree more with Mentsch and agree with VOR. Regardless of the size discrepncy, Beechwood has beaten CCH in the past. Menstch your acting like Beechwood has never had a shot at beating CCH and that they don't belong on the same field as CCH. Please refer to my post in the other thread about your men vs boys comment. Highlands dominants CCH every year...they are both 4A. CCH has clearly had the upper hand on Beechwood last 5 years, but what about the 5 years before that? Beechwood is a 1A school, who had 13 total seniors this year. CCH is a 4A school with 600 all male students. Obviously, there is going to be a size difference but to be honest after watching the game last night the reason CCH won and Beechwood lost was simply #9 Sam Dressman. You take Sam off that team CCH is in serious trouble. It just so happens Sam is 6'5'' over 200 lbs and will be playing D1 football. Kids like that aren't on every CCH team/Beechwood team. Honestly, this seemed to be one of Beechwood's poorest performances all year besdies Dixie. But seemed to look better against Dixie in the first half and the wheels fell off the bus in the second. Also, sounds like this is the best perforamnces from both Dressman's all year which just so happen to be their two most important players on offense. Every team that turns the ball over 4 times is going to see a large margin of defeat unless the other team turns it over as well. In this case Beechwood had 4 turnovers to CCH 1 turnover. CCH had a much easier time scoring against Beechwood however it wasn't like they were scoring on offense in 3 plays and then getting the ball right back. CCH was sustaining long drives that took time off the clock and converted on TD's, Beechwood didn't, and that is the difference. You get a score of 28 - 7 with a 3 turnover differential - this explains the margin of defeat more than to say they just got dominated.
  12. FWIW Beechwood lost 28 to 7 to CCH. 2 weeks prior they lost (a game they were more than capable of winning) to Franklin County (5A school) currently ranked #4 in state in 5A and currently undefeated. Correct me if I am wrong but didn't Connor (5A) have trouble with FC last year in playoffs? Just a look over the last couple years. In 2011 Beat Dixie Heights (6A) 62-27 Beat SK (6A) 28-0 Beat Holmes 21-13 Loss to CCH 40-28 2012 Loss to SK (6A) 21-17 Loss to Holmes 33-21 Beat Dixie 33-28 Loss to CCH (4A) 41-6 2013 Beat Lima Senior (equivalent 6A in KY) 20-14 Loss to Dixie 41-20 Loss to Franklin County 28-24 (led majority of game) at FC Beat Holmes 40-7 Loss to CCH 29-7 Each year they have lost to Mayfield in playoffs. Over the last 3 years Beechwood has went 6 and 7 against 4A schools and larger. Aren't 1A schools suppose to lose to 4A and bigger schools? I'm just failing to see the logic here with this thread. Beechwood does very well in 1A and hammer a lot of those schools with the exception of Frankfort and Mayfield over the last couple years. Is this thread advising Beechwood to keep playing less competition by making an easier schedule? I believe to be the best you have to play the best so why wouldn't they schedule tougher games or bigger class size schools especially when they are very competitive. It’s not like they are losing 40 to 0 every game? To act like they can't even be on the same field as some of these bigger schools is just inaccurate in my opinion. They are a little under .500 in last 3 years against those schools. The regime now, certainly isn't on the level of Yeagle, however you must realize at a small 1A school the talent level is going to fluctuate very much over the course of a decade. You can tell simply by the beechwood and CCH rivalry. Throughout the last two decades there have been times when Beechwood has owned the series for 5 years followed by CCH owning the series for 5 years or so. But according to this thread there shouldn’t even be a discrepancy on who owns the series if CCH is so superior… Especially these next two years Beechwood will have a legitimate shot at getting W’s. Obviously there is a size difference (player’s size) in these two school, given the class size rankings – that is expected. CCH an all male school selecting from 600 kids to Beechwood with around 50 to 60 kids that dress in a varsity game made up of all grade levels. The key difference that was the really noticeable last night is that CCH had #9 and Beechwood didn’t. You take #9, a D1 football player at 6’5’’ over 200 hundred lbs, off CCH it’s a whole different ball club.
  13. Take a look at Redford's highlight tapes from High School. 98% FT % 46% 3pt % 50% FG and 92 consecutive FT's made. Michigan's Mr. Basketball. We can all agree that Redford isn't that athletic but his ability to shoot it got him to XU but it's not to often you see someone that has those types of stats and shoots it with that consistency. Nothing against BH, great game and even better kid, but he's not posting that type of numbers with a Mr. Basketball crown. He will be a candidate though. Brad averaged 23 minutes a game as a senior at XU. As Clyde was saying earlier and I agreed with him is that BH would be a 20 minute guy at NKU. There is a difference between a 20 minute guy at X and at NKU. Regardless, they are similar players in the sense at the collegiate level they are going to be sharp shooters. Career at XU Brad shot over 40% from 3 land for his career. You take a look at his other stats there isn't much to show for because he is strictly an offensive player/shooter. The higher level BH goes up the less minutes he's going to get and the more he's going to be strictly a shooter, it's just the way it works. Not to mention XU is now in the Big East. The smaller D1 level BH plays at the more clock he will get. He has certainly held his own in AAU but schools/coaches don't just want guys who can hold their own rather guys that are going to take the team/program to the next level. Personally, I think his offers so far fit his game and any of those schools he picks from he should have a solid career there.
  14. Disagree that he would have more offers if he played on the Travelers. His Magic team throughout the course of high school in AAU have had an incredible run. I believe at 16U they won just about every tournament they competed in. He isn't lacking offers in terms of not being seen. The kid has played varsity basketball since the 7th grade and been on the AAU circuit since then as well. There has been plenty of hype for him. Reality is he has hit a ceiling on his recruitment. If he waits it out during his senior season he may pick up another offer however I don't see the offers getting any bigger. It's nothing against Brandon, he is a great player, but the main reason he isn't getting these higher D1 looks is his ability to play defense and foot speed. Sure you can improve on it, I'm not saying that but from what schools have obviously seen they aren't sold because he is getting similar offers from the same level of schools. As for the Magic kids not being seen, just about every kid on their roster has some sort of basketball offer at the next level and I would say a good amount of them are D1 offers.
  15. Minnesota was the first to offer after Q opened his recruitment :lol2: followed by Uconn. He is going to start pouring in the offers.
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