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  1. Which schools have the most KHSAA state championships (all sports)?
  2. The score is a little deceiving in that DeSales only had three first downs at the end of third quarter.
  3. Not many choices in 1942 everything was painted olive drab.
  4. If PRP keeps the mistakes to a minimum they win handily.
  5. Kroger brand multigrain "Club" crackers, much better than the brand name.
  6. I hope that I am wrong but Without knowing a lot more details I am not sure this story passes the smell test.
  7. KY Colonel on the car and Historic Vehicle on the hot rod.
  8. This is State Baseball championship number 7, which is the most in the state. TRADITION UNEQUALED
  9. Take your truck to Carmax and they will give you a fair offer. This will give you a real world value so you can then decide which way to proceed. Carmax is more reputable than most dealers.
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