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  1. University Heights Academy Sergio Luyk- St John's Darren Allaway- Stanford James White -Harvard Marty Cline - Morehead State Greg Buckner- Clemson Lamont Barnes -Temple Isiah Victor - Tennessee Harold Swanagan- Notre Dame Andre Buckner -Duke Ravi Moss- UK Scotty Hopson- Tennessee Tayshawn Edmonson- St john's/ Austin Peay There are more I just can't remeber them all right now.
  2. Brandon Muravchick accepted the Western Hills Girls BB job.
  3. Monk, Fox, Bam......NBA. Those 3 with Briscoe going to be a good UK team. I like their chances at the final 4.
  4. We have not changed it yet. We just got word last night late, that kba needed to move it.:ohbrother:
  5. it's August 20th, Saturday, 2:30 - 9:30. This is fully confirmed by kba & nextup recruits. you can view it on kba's website now
  6. NextUp Recruits is coming to KBA August 13 or August 20. Date is not confirmed yet.
  7. Hope County does not come out flat and Shelby picks up the victory and heads the to championship like last year Allen-Scott did.
  8. Oh there's a wide open receiver, let me launch it as far as i can to the nose bleed section of the crowd, or wait let me run around my offensive line until the other team sacks me.... oh, there is timmons across the middle covered by two opponents, im sure he can catch it, if i just do this quick mathematical problem and shake my hair around in my helmet and pose for a new head and shoulders commerical, okay now lets throw it to Florida's DB, I mean Ryan, I mean Vandy's DB, I mean, Dorian Baker, or no, lets get it to Jeff Badet, no I mean Auburn's DB.
  9. well, Towles surely knows how to place the balls in the receiver's hands doesn't he?? Hes made timmons, baker, johnson, badet all look like middle school pee wee players
  10. His go to receiver will be Timmons....mark my words, they are tight and will be a 1-2 punch........ he loves throwing to Ryan.
  11. Cam was exciting to watch in Highschool, never forget his and Ryan Timmons matchups in the playoffs
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