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  1. I've always thought a good way to handle this is you get your rights back after you are released and become an upstanding citizen for as many years as your prison term. For example, if you were sentenced to 8 years in prison, you serve out the time and then you have to stay out of trouble for 8 more and then rights reinstated. Hopefully that makes sense.
  2. I love lima beans smothered in ketchup.
  3. Its not like retail is the only area that has to work. I have a great job in my opinion making plenty of money, but my place of work isnt closed for Thanksgiving. The way i look at it is the companies are paying their employees time and a half or more, so a lot of people use holidays as a way to be able to pay the bills easier. Id have a problem with this is they werent paid some kind of holiday pay, but im fairl certain almost everybody is. Theres a ton of proffesions that dont get off for holidays, so I dont really feel sorry for retail. Id love to spend time with my family on all holidays, but providing for my family is more important to me than spending one day with them. Maybe thats just my blue collar thinking. I dont know.
  4. That last set of downs in the game was just terrible. I'm praying hard for whitlows ankle tonight. Max was twice as good at QB last year. I don't know what happened but we need Whitlow to get healthy. His injury came at a bad time since he missed the on SEC game we could've won. Did I not see it well enough or was the onside kick offside call not a good one?
  5. I don't see why people keep saying this could've been avoided if the QB did it differently. It really doesn't matter what he did with the ball, the defender can't lay down and take a nap on a downed ball without the officials stopping the clock. I agree this wouldnt have happened if he held on to the ball, but the truth is it shouldnt have happened even when laying the ball down. I feel bad for the Badgers. This could really hurt them in the long run. Lucky for them it was an OOC game and not a league game.
  6. I'm starting to think he is going anywhere. He won't leave for anything less than a top 5 job if he did leave. Tennessee has all the resources in the world and could easily be an SEC power again, and he turned them down. Even with how bad they have been lately that's still a high profile job in the SEC. The only high profile job that I can really see having any chance of being open after this year is Texas. However, he wouldn't leave for them. They're on the same tier as Tennessee and we saw how that played out. Strong just seems like a great dude and he seems to be different from most college coaches in the fact that he is loyal. He's an old school guy who has strong core values. I don't think he'll leave unless his family wanted to anyways.
  7. Just a joke man. Like I said I don't wish it on them. But it's like when people get a girlfriend tatted and then get dumped. It was about the tattoo not the ville. Just a joke
  8. While I don't wish this upon the cards, it would be slightly funny if they got stripped of their title for violations now. The tat is nice though.
  9. He needs to get his heart checked after the fireworks scared the hell outta him. He still seems lively to me. He looks rougher but he is a lot older than his UK years.
  10. Congrats Cards fans. But remember we aren't allowed to live or brag about the past, so your time ended 32 mins ago . Enjoy it guys!
  11. Try having hands the size of a pumpkin. I get why it's hard for big handed fellas to shoot free throws.
  12. ^and just so everyone knows I saw that on twitter and didn't like it. Just thought it was a good example as to a cartoon that could be ran in a paper.
  13. I saw a close family friend have a compound fracture in the high school football playoffs a few years ago and he was back full strength in 5 months. He's still doing just fine playing college football. While Wares injury was the most gruesome thing I have ever seen because of how far the bone was sticking out, both will recover just fine. I didn't like the courier cartoon as I just saw it as poor taste. The same as I would feel if a paper ran a cartoon of the cardinals in the locker room before the final four game with pitino quoted with "Alright guys, go out there and break a leg."
  14. I don't know what Kansas was doing. What I do know... Trey Burke is a stone cold killer. Great game.
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