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  1. I am heading to Lake Quachita, outside of Hot Springs Arkansas. Leaving April 5th and coming back the 14th. Largemouth beware.
  2. Your not bankrupting the state. Make cuts in other areas that aren't such a need, like maybe entitlement programs. The trouble started by taking money that teachers put into the fund from their paychecks, and robbing Peter to pay Paul in other areas. If you are good with people deciding teaching is no longer a qualified option for a well educated, qualified person, than so be it. I for one would rather welfare dependency not be an option.
  3. So you can carry out the duties as POTUS using an Iphone while your on a golf vacation. That is a very weak rationale.
  4. I have heard that Brendhan Haynes, a very qualified assistant currently at Lloyd, is applying for the job. He would continue the excitement and expectations that Stratton started.
  5. You will lose qualified people entering the teaching profession. The retirement is one of the only financial benefits for entering the career.
  6. If I had just cut White House tours and let criminals out of prison due to a sequester, no I wouldn't. It is very poor leadership. Btw, most presidential families didn't take multiple vacations a year, and I know of zero Presidents that took the time to spend days with a golf pro. Most were too busy.
  7. I was kicked off of the political satirists' sight Andy Borowitz this morning for debating a dissenting view. I wasn't vulgar, I didn't call anyone names, which I was called, and I wasn't disrespectful. He just wasn't willing to have my side of the argument on his site. As long as we operate in this mode, this country will continue to split apart. I had alway though the term liberal meant open to ideas.
  8. I own one. I don't use it very much because I also own a Super Black Eagle II. However, I think this is one of the best multi use guns for the money out on the market.
  9. I would go further to argue that Central wouldn't have any titles if they were playing in 4A or above. They have benefitted from six classes more than any other school in the state.
  10. I am putting this out there again, and maybe someone will prove me wrong with Louisville, but NKY has ten teams who have won state and 14 teams that have been in the finals. Does Louisville have that type of sucess? Maybe they have historically and I don't know about it.
  11. 1.NKY 2.Louisville Metro 3.Boyle County 4.Western Kentucky 5.Eastern Kentucky 6.Central Kentucky 7.South Central Kentucky
  12. I will repeat myself from another thread. NKY is the only area in the state that has had ten different schools win a state championship, 14 appear in the state finals, and every school in the area, but Scott, that has had football for more than a decade had made it to at least the third round of the playoffs. Louisville is second, but the facts are that Louisville talent is sectioned off into a couple of schools that have had most of the sucess from the area. Central has emereged recently, but they have also been without a doubt the biggest beneficiary of the six class system that has allowed them to get away from having to beat teams that they couldn't in the past. Danville is titletown. The West has a couple of good programs, but overall, the west is pretty weak. Eastern KY lacks speed, but has many well coached hard playing teams. Lexington is the biggest underachieving area in the state when you measure talent vs. sucess.
  13. One error, nine state champions, if I am not mistaken. Beechwood, Ludlow, Bellevue, Lloyd, NCC, HC, Highlands, Cov, and Conner.
  14. Nky football can make claims that no other large area in the state can. For instance, eight schools in the three county area have won state in football. Additionally, four more have made it to the state finals. Every school that has had football for more than ten years in NKY, except Scott, has made it to at least the third round of the playoffs throughout the history of their program. There is no area in the state that can make the same claims, including Louisville.
  15. I know many people involved in Trinity's program. I know that none of them were upset with him. They all expected him to be extremely good at Trinity, and do the same thing when he left, which he did. As far as being a liar....you forget that Beaty had to build back when he started. In 2000 they lost to highlands and lost bad to Male in the finals. In 2004 they lost to Dixie in the second round of the playoffs. He has done a phenominal job and will continue to do so, but don't act like their fan base didn't have faith in the man before him. Two losses to the state champion and the state runner up? That game, btw, was decided in overtime between X and Station.
  16. Its more than you think. Lloyd, Ludlow, and Bellevue have also won state. Connor has won state. Ryle, Boone, Sk, and Cooper have all been runner ups.
  17. Get your facts straight. He left Trinity for a better job at the time, Indy Warren Central. I watched his team beat Elder when they won state in Ohio in 2003 56-16. He won state in Indy at least four times in a row, but I don't remember his name.
  18. I am finding anymore that I want ammo a lot more than I want more guns.
  19. Without having the child, you are not eligable for the overall program, which includes free housing, free food, free phone, free utilities, aided public transportation, and $90 spending money. As you see by Doomer's latest post, it is very profitable in some states. More profitable than working a job that pays double the minimum wage. Keep in mind, many people see any type of existance as a plus that doesn't require them to work.
  20. I find it funny that people don't understand that portions of our population are willing to lay on their behinds, procriate, and live off of government subsidence. The info you posted earlier made it very clear. A child allows you to get into the program, which provided a rent free dwelling, paid utilities, a cell phone, $90 spending money, and $90 in food stamps. This doesn't even mention free health care. There is a portion of our population that is more than willing to live in these conditions, as long as they don't have to work a lick. I wonder what would happen to the numbers of welfare recipiants if we made it come with mandatory labor to collect it? I am sure there are some fun labor jobs where state and federal programs could use some not so free labor.
  21. I can agree on the someone getting robbed. However, do you really think that releasing illegal alien prisoners being the first thing you do as a result of a budget cut isn't geared towards shifting public opinion through fear towards eliminating that budget cut?
  22. I know this has been bought up before, but how about requiring a government sponsored sterilization to collect welfare on a child you can't support on your own. If the we have to pay for your children, you should at least be giving up the ability to have more. Collecting government money is not a Constitutionally protected right.
  23. Its not going to help the region, but the individual can help themselves.
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