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  1. Drew Houliston at quarterback is unbelieveable. Does great job throwing, finding the open receiver and scrambling when nothing is there. Running game with Watson is awesome and Grau had some very good runs today. Receiving corp had some great runs after the catch. Have to give shoutout to O-Line for giving drew time to throw and creating holes for Watson and Grau. Offense looks very organized and confident when on the field. Defense had a very good day limiting Knights to 3 points until score at very last second of game. Great job boys.
  2. SO HHS has 7 Football state titles and 1 Basketball and CC has 1 football state title, 1 baseball, and 2 Basketball in past 11 years....so you have one more baseball and one more basketball in 11 YEARS please forgive me but that is not an impressive stat on your "OVERALL" sports program. So you are ok in all sports, HHS is ok in most sports, dominate in Football.
  3. I always wondered why people say Highlands football ruins the other sports. So I did some research and here are my findings on the big three sports. Football, Baksetball and Baseball. Sorry to all Soccer fans. Since 1980 in Basketball Highlands has won 9th region 8 Times(Last being 2001), NC- 2 times(Last being 200), CC - 3 Times(Last being 2006) Baseball state tournament appearances all time, Highlands(3) last time being 1995, CC(3) last time being 2002, NC(17) last time being 2011 Football since 1980 - Highlands 14 state titles(last being 2012), NC- 4 state titles(Last being 2010), CC 6 State titles(Last being 2006) I am NC grad but kids now attend HHS. Even though I despised HHS and CC you always knew they were the teams to beat most of the time in any sport. Based on the above stats HHS still has been very competitive in all sports...I believe even in the Soccer world which is not even a real sport(kidding) When it comes to football I would love to see the old NC-HHS game played but do understand that HHS is now twice the school of NCC boys enrollment. When I was at NC the HHS-NC game was right there with the CC game. Hopefully these highschool rivalries will continue as they are great for both the Schools and the communities. At the end of the day it is still about the kids and them having an exciting highschool memory like us old folks. I am now a Highlands fan with a Breds heart. Still love to hate the Colonels
  4. Also, #17 Quick was warming up the third string center by taking snaps from him in the fourth quarter on sidelines. Class Act... he talks to all teammates with smile on his face...good luck to T this year and hopefully our Birds will learn lessons from this game and go on to number 6.
  5. Lets use your math...HHS has 400 boys so that means, by your math, only 9 are varsity ready. Lets assume all 10 transfers are varsity ready...which is a stretch...that gives HHS 19 boys playing two ways....last time I checked you need 22 for two platoon system minimal...not counting injuries, substitutions etc..... Its okay to be hater just dont hate the player...
  6. Congrats Birds... Its been fun watching P Towles grow up next door and turn into such a great athlete and even better young man. Good luck at UK
  7. My two cents is that NCC should play HHS and Covcath every year or vice versa. I am NC grad but now a bluebird. The games against covcath and hhs were the most fun. I remember dropping off blue and gold balloons at hhs circle friday after school game day.I think we are to PC these days and rivalries have lost their luster. NCC even with them being a smaller school competes in every sports program. I think NCC HHS playing each year early would be a sellout and a lot of fun. GO Birds Good Luck Breds
  8. I, too, drove by and saw these boys leaving practice around 2:30pm and thought I can't believe they practiced after getting home so late(BUT IMPRESSED!!). I am new to HHS program and can tell all the CC faithful you are going to be playing one determined group of MEN. Hard work, determination and commitment are good ole fashion values that makes this team and every player a winner. Kids getting up early after a very late Friday night to go at it again to get ready to bring home the 20th championship. Got to Love the Birds!!! Good Luck this Saturday!!
  9. Thanks......Looking forward to visiting Harlan County.....Always enjoy the southern hospitality......I expect a great game....QB Patrick Towles will be the difference for the Birds beating Da Bears!
  10. Is it faster to get off at London, KY or go on down to Corbin? Any suggestions
  11. They did get home around 10:30 and probably in bed by 11:00. They are a great group of boys(young men). When #41 Bleser intercepted the tipped pass, they showered him with praise. They really seem to cheer each other on no matter who is playing. They're having fun!! Looking forward to next several years.
  12. I would like to say thanks also to Boyle County stepping up and allowing our baby birds to come down and play such last minute. The southern hospitality of the Boyle fans was a nice change. I received several nice comments after the game about our boys. The bird boys played another outstanding game on both sides of the ball. Coah Behimer and Staff have done a great job with the talented group this year. FYI - I am former NewCath grad who has lived on Fort Thomas all my life. It was difficult to convert, but all I can say is Highlands is a first class school in all areas of academics, all their sports programs, and parental involvement. The coming together last minute for these freshman boys to have the chance to play Boyle was impressive. Another Kudos to coaching staff making sure the boys had their homework completed on the bus ride home. I love my Alma Mater, but GO BIRDS, BRING HOME THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!
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