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  1. Pardon me a winning record. Highlands is 5-5.
  2. Losing record just like the district they are paired with. They all have a losing record.
  3. Come on flyguy tell us about the coaches. Have heard this several times but no one will speak up. Let it out. What are they doing before games to get called out then no one wants to speak about what they are talking about. Why bring it up if there is nothing to say?
  4. Woodford threw 5 passes against west jessamine so i doubt it will be an aerial battle. More like ground and pound from Woodford. Looked like the horses from franlin might have some loose shoes when they played western hills.
  5. khsaa wants each school system or district or conferece to implement these rules and enforce them.
  6. Franklin co is now in 4a and woodford was 4-7 last year. I believe this to be correct.
  7. How did things look tonite in Woodford?
  8. Clark beat Franklin co in the 7 th grade championship 28-6. Woodford defeated Scott co. 14-0 in 8th grade championship game of the conference. Woodford has never played in the middle school state tournament.
  9. What is the reason that a school could have a successful middle school program and not carry over to the high school being successful?
  10. yes doesn't make much sense, but just like kickoff ball becomes dead when it enters the end zone in high school.jmho could be wrong???
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