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  1. My bad, raiderbird! I thought I was on the football thread! It's been a while since I have posted anything!
  2. I hear David Stephens is going to be a monster this year for SK's football team. He is 6'7" and a transfer from Holmes High. I also hear Dylan Harris is going to be playing this year. Harris played his freshman year and had a TD every game. He went to state for track his freshmen year as well as his sophmore year. This kid, Harris, is really fast on his feet and plays WR. I think Stephens is playing WR as well. I think Stephens has the size and arm to be a good QB for SK. Never know . . . !!! We will see!
  3. Great kid all around. Good luck, Austin. You would do well anywhere!
  4. I think SK has had a winning season no matter if they win or lose against Ryle. There were many people who said they would be nothing without Miles Simpson and Jordan Hansel, and look how well they've done and how far they've come since the Middletown crush. So, yeah, I'd would say they have had a successful season. "Now, SK . . . go take out Ryle and hush up all of the hater's and show them what a success your season has really been!"
  5. I am a huge SK fan, but I think Jarad Swanson would be a much better RB than he is a QB. The kid can play some football, but as QB . . . I don't think that is going to work!
  6. Go SK! Make it a good game and give those Raider's at least one TD so they don't look so bad! My prediction is 21-6 SK all the way!
  7. I hear that Austin Baldwin just broke the SK record for tackles. He will definitely have some fun tonight against BC! This kid is having quite a season.
  8. SK has this one in the bag! They will be ready and come out fighting!
  9. SK has been slammed about their offensive line a lot this year, and there have been many quotes about how they are NOT the team they were last year after losing Miles Simpson and Jordan Hansel. Well, guess what . . . they held their own last night and put up a good fight. Win or lose both teams need to be congratulated
  10. Congrats to Ryle on their win! BUT . . . congrats to SK as well on the game they played! The Pioneers fought hard and they should be proud!
  11. Why can't you stand SK? This is directed toward the Highlands fan that said he/she was going to dress up in orange and black Raider gear to support Ryle instead of SK.
  12. Let's hope that SK has their O-line on top of things. AND . . . let's hope that Chad Lawrence stays healthy throughout this game and the entire season. I don't think we have much to worry about with Austin Baldwin on defense, the kid is a player! Good Luck SK!
  13. I am pleased to see SK win the last two games after the beating they took with the Middies. A definite confidence booster!
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