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  1. Papa..you and DD are seeing the same thing that I am...wonder if things can change for the better...????
  2. Great Post DD...the one solution I have thought about...that should work in theory...is that there could be instructional days...by qualified coaches...no games. There would be no involvement from schools or parents. Independent evaluators of talent...instructional guys that have been around the game should be involved as teachers. In other words...no personal agendas. I agree with you regarding letting them be kids...seems like the kids are getting pressure from their parents to be Mr. Stud Muffin so they can live in their world. I see good kids that arent good athletes seem to die on the vine athletically . Parents should understand that these kids should be enjoying life and not be pressured to hit 400 and be All- Region. It is sad to see. What kind of message does it send when parents dont come to games when their son isnt playing? I like the Club idea you mentioned...whatever is the best for the kids...is what I am all about.
  3. It is in the Herald Leader...I think it is about 10 days old...it is on a Ky Prep.com...I re-read it today...I think the reporter 's name was Fields. I hope that helps...it is very good and accurate article.
  4. I read Coach Miller's recent interview regarding High School Baseball in Ky and I couldnt agree with him more. He is dead on. Parents and AAU ball in Ky are pretty ridiculous. No fundamentals taught with most teams. You watch other states play our teams and you see a difference to say the least. Coach Miller ,besides being successful , has seen the changes that we now have. I agree so much with him regarding how parents act and the overall lack of knowledge of how the game should be played. Parents only care about their kids and not the team. It was always bad but it is ridiculous now. There is so much Daddy Ball going on...makes me sick. I dont know how some of these hs coaches stand it. It seems there are not many people that either care about the fundamentals of the game or dont know. I was at a game this week...a team had a 6 run lead twice...and tried to throw out runners at home with out success. Led to runs and extra outs. The same team was ahead by 3 runs..looking at a bases loaded and nobody out situation. Guess where the first baseman was playing? In front of the runner...AND very wide of the bag with a LEFT handed hitter up. The left handed hitter then hit a line drive that missed the bag on the inside for a TRIPLE down the line. Amazing. Game tied. Went to third...next batter hits fly ball for SF and a 8-7 lead. I am sorry...but...where is the knowledge of the game??
  5. Trinity 8 Ballard 7 final....after Ballard had a 7-1 lead...Trinity came back with help from a few Ballard miscues to win. Ballard had the game pretty much won until with big leads, they twice tried to throw out runners at home without success instead of getting the sure out. Ballard was up 7-4 and had the first baseman playing up and wide with bases loaded and no outs...instead of playing the line and back to keep from a double or triple down the line...he was in front of the runner and wide...Trinity hit a triple down the line and tied it up in the bottom of the sixth and followed it up with a fly ball sacrifice fly to go up 8-7 in the bottom of the sixth. That was enough to win...8-7. In the middle of the game...a close call went against Ballard's catcher who threw his helmet completely out of the field....and had to be restrained by the first base coach whom he pushed. After the game with no coaches around...Ballard's team threw their water bottles on the field in unison and walked off. It seems the inmates are running the asylum. This was sad to see. From all that I have heard...the Ballard coach is a great guy and does a good job but what does that say??? I promise you one thing..if someone on Trinity's team had done that...he would be off the team as we speak. You do the math.
  6. Did anyone on here go to the Trinity - Eastern game last night?
  7. This team is showing symtoms of getting it together...Tompkins has settled on a rotation...moved a few guys up that can play...hard to blame a coach when guys hit a buck fifty and kick the ball around. Loaded 7th Region as usual...whoever gets out of it will be a happy bunch. Bowling is hitting the ball well...getting into baseball shape with his swing. Long season...Rocks will be ready at the end of the year.
  8. Rocks have started slowly that is for sure...Tompkins as usual plays everyone the first part of the season...to see who can play and where...there are two sophomores that are beginning to shine...moved some people to the bench. Seems he has set on a lineup to stick with. Their schedule is tough. The out of state teams have beaten up on the Rocks in the beginning of the year. The team seems to be starting to turn around as early season games were not that good. Some seniors are not playing the role some would want but juniors and a couple of sophomores beat them out fair and square. It seems that your post suggests some discipline problems...I havent seen any in a couple of years. Other than a Rock got thrown out of a game in the Region that might/could/did cost the team a chance to win the Region two years ago I havent seen anything. Got any thoughts on that one? Once again...thanks for your interest in Rocks Baseball.
  9. No..it is not Corey...it is an outfielder that had a hamstring problem....and he really didnt know if he wanted to play...he took a few days off and decided that he did. I dont know if that was the reason or not( hamstring) but I quit trying to figure out 18 year olds a while ago. I got one...I know...he he.:idunno:
  10. I am glad I dont have to make that decision...nice money to say the least...throwing left handed and with the ability to throw in the low 90's with movement and 3 pitches for strikes...fun to see from the bleachers. Trinity has its own baseball website that shows their schedule...trinityrocksbaseball.com...another kid also a left hander named Fuchs can throw well also. Both are pitchers and not just throwers. I was behind the Angels scout at a scrimmage and watching the gun...fastball 89-90 and change up around 79 ish. He can get it to 92-93 when he wants. I dont know what part of the state you live in but would be worth the money to come watch him play.
  11. One senior starter took a few days off to think about his future and decided to continue his senior season...yes he was pre-season all state...that is all that has happened regarding the team other than every time Corey Littrell is pitching a lot of guys show up to watch him. The kid is very special...low first round or top second round...but probably will go to UK. Yesterday was consistently 88-89...with movement.
  12. I have asked the same question and from what I understand there is no rules from KHSAA regarding JV teams. From my observations regarding juniors on JV is that they keep sophomores with talent on the bench. If a kid doesnt make varsity by his junior year it is highly unlikely he will help you on the varsity anyway. The only way that might not be the case is if a pitcher needs innings or someone is hurt and needs to work their way back up. It is hard to cut a junior that has been in the program for two years I am sure. If you have an extremely talented and deep senior class that might affect the numbers...but usually if a kid cant make varsity by his junior year he wont help you later . It wouldnt be fair to the kid to let him play his junior year on jv then have to cut him as a senior.
  13. Rockmom... I am a Rock dad and love your Rock posts...but I got a question for you...Since Obama was elected....where are all the people mad about the War in Iraq. When Bush was in...nightly news with horrible news...Obama gets in...dont hear a word...dont you find that interesting? Where are the protesters? They were everywhere when Bush was in and always on TV. You have to agree ...the coverage was tainted and now it is covered up.
  14. It will be great to see those two go at it....if it is at Trinity...you can come to my house and see how we live...bologna and cheese...chips...tap water....got to save for tuition...he he.
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