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Trinity v Ballard

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Trinity 8 Ballard 7 final....after Ballard had a 7-1 lead...Trinity came back with help from a few Ballard miscues to win. Ballard had the game pretty much won until with big leads, they twice tried to throw out runners at home without success instead of getting the sure out. Ballard was up 7-4 and had the first baseman playing up and wide with bases loaded and no outs...instead of playing the line and back to keep from a double or triple down the line...he was in front of the runner and wide...Trinity hit a triple down the line and tied it up in the bottom of the sixth and followed it up with a fly ball sacrifice fly to go up 8-7 in the bottom of the sixth. That was enough to win...8-7. In the middle of the game...a close call went against Ballard's catcher who threw his helmet completely out of the field....and had to be restrained by the first base coach whom he pushed. After the game with no coaches around...Ballard's team threw their water bottles on the field in unison and walked off. It seems the inmates are running the asylum. This was sad to see. From all that I have heard...the Ballard coach is a great guy and does a good job but what does that say??? I promise you one thing..if someone on Trinity's team had done that...he would be off the team as we speak. You do the math.

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