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  1. Correction, looking at the stats, GRC played 9 guys the 2nd matchup and only played 7 the first game. They were no subs missing for GRC the same 7 that played in the win, played in the loss. Bourbon played the 1st game without AJ Joyce.
  2. Thank everyone for their support, especially our parents & fans, we stand behind our Coach 100% If you were @ the game you would have seen what really happened it was a physical game no doubt, I’m taking nothing away from Clark County Congrats to them guys on their win, we are a TEAM & FAMILY @ BC @ the end of the day & we will go compete this weekend for the 2A Title & leave it all on the floor & that’s what our Head Coach expects us to do, not get on social media and bash refs, other players or coaches, it is what it is & we are moving on, we will see Clark Co again @ their place Jan 29th.. Once again thank you for your support & comments either way we will always play hard & leave it all on the floor... #BC-4-LIFE #COLONELCRAZIES
  3. If they haven’t updated stats why don’t y’all just go watch them, just sayin....
  4. Very physical game, hope the kid that was concussed is ok & has a speedy recovery, sounds like Bourbon County has gotten tired of being pushed around & pushed back, a lot closer game than what people thought it was going to be, good luck to both teams the rest of the season...
  5. Bourbon will be ok, the flu bug has hit them pretty good and they had a few guys out that didn't even make the trip, just gotta keep grinding, taking nothing away from Pendleton Co tho, they were on fire, congrats on their win and wish Bourbon a speedy recovery from the flu bug..
  6. Yes, Bourbon did beat Mason Co, Bourbon as well as many other teams around the state is under the weather, no excuses tho, guys didn't step up when given the opportunity and they lost, wish all their kids a speedy recovery, anything can happen on any given night !!!!!!
  7. That's why we play the game, looks like Campbell has changed the culture @ BC, he has his squad believing they can win tough ball games, Coach Brooks always has his Greyhounds ready for that BC/PHS cross town rivalry and the Hounds have had the Colonels number the past 5 years, Friday night could open some eyes if the Colonels can pull off the upset, with that being said, I'd like to say good luck to both teams and wish them the best of luck the rest of the season...
  8. Qb, 2 wr's, RB, safety, LB, Corner, 2 DL, kicker, punter. A couple of those positions are covered by 2 way players.
  9. Line judge didnt pay attention to where he was, when the QB scrambled into the end zone he thought he stepped out of the endzone! So he blew the whistle and signed "safety"
  10. I'd expect him to have a JJ Reddick like career, which is a pretty nice gig.
  11. It was a good competitive game by both teams and calls were iffy all night both ways, BC was down 13 @ one point and got back in it, Mason had a chance to win the game in regulation and didn't hit the shot, both teams had key guys in foul trouble in overtime, I take my hat off to BC & their coaching staff for finding a way to win against a good Mason Co team, good luck to both teams the rest of the year.. I wouldn't sleep on BC they got some good things going on this year & just may surprise several teams...
  12. Sounds like Bourbons Defense bent but didn't break Bourbon had just as many turnovers as Mason Co, good win for the Colonels, good luck to both teams..
  13. Hard fought game by both teams from beginning to end, Clark Co RB J. Israel put his team on his back for a huge rushing night with 280 & Bourbon County's defense bent but didn't break came through with a huge defensive stand at the end of the game, Congrats to the Colonels on the win & QB Clay Bolin on a record setting night 34/51 425 yards 4td's
  14. Thank you Guru & Ram, Colonels are working hard...
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