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  1. Bourbon County won the championship beating Mason County 12-6.
  2. Bournon's attitude this year is what's killing them. They are good and have some good players but no one shows up to practice. Then on friday they are yelling at the sidelines saying they dont know what to do. Then against holmes all the kids came out with stars in their eye's. so they all just sat down and let them run all over them.
  3. Thank you, I do not think they will look past any competitor that they play this year. The Colonels do have their work cut out for them. It will be an interesting season to see the changes in scheme to be productive. I wish all the teams in the whole state the best of luck except for when they play the Colonels, so I mean no offense to any team. GO COLONELS!!!!:clap:
  4. That's fine, you can feel how you want to and I am not upset. Just clarifying my stance. I pull for the Colonels and will always side with them but adding a few more wins is not an over expectation. It is a goal to strive for and it is a very obtainable goal. Now if I came out and said they were a true contender to run at state- that would be a skewed opinion. They are improving and proud of all the Colonels that are working hard to change the program for the good. I commend them for their achievements from last year and support them win or lose.
  5. Why would the teams on the list feel resentment. It is an opinion. It hasn't decided the outcome of the games. It is an opinion!!! But in my opinion the 8 teams on that list can be beat by the Colonels. Not asking anyone to agree or disagree. Just voicing my opinion!!!!:deadhorse::idunno::ohbrother::irked:
  6. We lost T Barnes. He ran over 30 carries per game. That is the 85%. We didn't do much of anything but run. We lost 1 lineman during season and 3 to graduation. I don't think you all really read too well.... I said IMO, it is not an expectation, it is saying with they work hard and get serious they could achieve it. Expectations do not make the coaches and kids look bad, their actions do that for them. I am a Colonels fan and looking at things in perspective it is achievable. Sorry it doesn't fit your thoughts but are we allowed to say our opinion on here or do we have to conform our thoughts to what is perceived by others? Just asking.
  7. Look at the schedule last year. As a whole for what ever reason there was 3 games that were hard fought and IMO given away. Not taking anything from the other teams but due to poor performance of Bourbon and failure to execute cost those 3 games. The 8 wins this is strictly IMO so 1. Estill 2. Casey 3. Owen 4. Grant - lost to last year after leading on last minute field goal 5. Franklin - very close win very well could have been a L. 6. Harrison- lost to last year after leading 21-7 at half 7. Pendleton - lost to last year- secondary got picked apart/offense slowed 8. Paris The other 2 games are Mason Holmes Sorry for the miss count 10 games on the schedule. Was remembering off my head the games and counted the playoff game. So realistically IMO Colonels could go 8-2 or 7-3 or 2-8. It is in the desire they bring to the field. As far as who they scrimmage not really sure, it varies from year to year. Heard word that Scott Co? and a few others were possibilities.
  8. Where to begin........ 1. Defense has to become mature and understand it's responsibility( primarily the secondary). They were young last year and you could tell they were green to the scheme. 2. Offense- has to take it serious this year. They do not have a back like they had last year with T Barnes. The offense will have to maintain positive ground that it gained last year and build on that by using multiple threats. 3. Heart- I am closely acquainted with the situation at Bourbon and will say to anyone that the Coaching staff with Coach Poynter at the helm has brought back excitement to 3/4 of the football team. Now the team has to decide if they have the heart to be a force to be reckoned with or do they continue like in past years and accept a butt whooping before they even play the game. 4. Coaching staff has their hands full. The old saying a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Well, they had a few bad apples that aren't in the bunch anymore, but I have to wonder- how many of the apples have been spoiled because of it? The coaching staff has done wonders with the program so they should have no problem get them in line and ready to play. I wish them the best of luck this year and would like to see a better season than last year. Predictionand strictly IMO Bourbon should go 8-3 with a second seed out of their district. GO COLONELS!!!!:thumb:
  9. IMO If they get an opportunity anywhere, be it D1, D2, D3 that is an accomplishment. There are alot of great opportunities in all levels. University of North Alabama is a good example. Smaller school, less known but the education on and off the field is tremendous. So it boils down to where they are happy and it doesn't matter about the level.
  10. I agree 100 percent. The problem that goes on and I would say the majority of the mid-level programs see it: 1. Parents get in the way of the system at every level of the program. As a coach don't push little Johnny to hard cause it might hurt his feelings, ego, etc. Don't scream at little Johnny cause it hurts his feelings. Don't make him run too much cause he can't run good. Oh by the way coach, you need to make sure little Johnny and the rest of his buddies win all their games and go to state and if you don't make it, the coach is at fault cause he doesn't know what he is doing. Parents..... coming from a parent....stay out of the way. This is a demanding sport, you have to be prepared mentally, physically, and there is no room for error. A coach has to be able to implement a system of discipline to the young men playing for and they have to be able to respect that. If we as parents jump in the middle every time little Johnny gets yelled, we are crippling him. Suck it up parents and allow your child to grow. The ability to learn a system and live with the chewing that they get or the praise or constructive criticism they receive is neccessary to become better adults. I have always told my boys, I don't like my boss for many reasons but I also like putting food on the table so they can eat. To sum it up---IF YOU CAN"T STAND THE HEAT
  11. LC recovers fumble. LC gets good field position due to penalty on the Holmes sideline. 2:30 to go.
  12. Holmes D stops LC Holmes takes over at their own 14.
  13. Pass in endzone intercepted by LC. LC takes over with 10 minutes to go.
  14. 3rd and goal from the 15. Holmes qb keeps it and it is 4th and goal from the 5. timeout.
  15. Holmes hit for lose. 2nd and 14. 11 minutes to go.
  16. Start of 4th. LC personal foul. 1st and goal from the 4.
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