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  1. They will not be close to Lloyd or Dixie this year!
  2. This game will not be close, NCC wins going away, too much talent and size. NCC will packing for Rupp!
  3. Very ugly game, Lloyd gave up to many second chance points to start the game. I didnt see a machine like Boone offense today. They capitalized on our lack of rebounding in the first quarter. I thought Lloyd passed up alot of shots all day and defended Boone in the half court pretty good. I will say this about boone, they were very good the last 3 minutes of the game holding the ball and hitting free throws . Those two teams were evenly matched and Lloyd had their chances to win that game, Congrats to Boone for holding on. Good luck tomorrow!
  4. McQueary will not be hard to defend, Bray is 100 times more athlethic than him, end of discussion. This will be a close game, Lloyd shoots the ball better as a team than Boone, alot has been said about Boone's offense but they will have to defend Lloyds shooters, Carter, Williams, Asher and Bray. Where is Boone if McQueary gets in foul trouble? Im expecting a close game, could come down to last possesion.
  5. I just want to be sure on the rule, the coach has to bring a kid off the bech to shoot those free throws right? That kid was Addison Brown, very good baseball player and a good shooter, looked like the moment got to him on the first one but he recovered well!
  6. There is alot to comment on so let me get started: 1. Bray is a drama queen, he is on the floor more than he is standing up almost every game....we got used to that second week of the season 2. He has D 1 athletic ability but no where near D1 game at any position 3. In 2 games against Highlands I have not seen him commit one "hard foul" against anyone, but I have seen him take at least 2, now I understand nobody wants to let him get loose, dunk and have the crowd explode so I understand... I will also say that I didnt think that intentional was a dirty play last night at all, just a good hard foul. 4. I cant wait to see Towles playing QB at UK next year!!!!
  7. and if they do that will be my head you see exploding ing the areana!!!!
  8. I have no problem with anyone picking a team to beat us but to not give us a chance I think is crazy, and I am not talking about you VOR, just the feeling I got from reading some of the posts. I dont think it will take a dud from Boone for us to win, we have beaten some good teams and they all didn't have dud games against us. As far as those back door cuts tonight, Holmes stood there looking at each like " thats not my man", that won't be the case Saturday in my opinion. So Im looking forward to us fighting like we have all year, it will be fun!
  9. 1999 was the last time, I think we lost in the finals to Boone actually.
  10. Well I know we shouldn't show up Saturday but we'll be there!! looking forward to a great game, we have friends on that team, Stanley and Palmer, I hope they play well but just not as well as we do!! Go Juggs!
  11. Asher and Brown for Lloyd are as good as any other 1-2 in NKY.
  12. Lloyd shoots the ball better than Boone and we play better defense than Holmes so I hope the rest of Boone thinks Saturday will be a cake walk too, just keep counting the juggs out I guess. This lloyd team has a different kid pick up the slack every night, yes Bray has been playing lights out since districts but they have other kids that can step up any night. I think saturday will be a great game!
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