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  1. The rain has been around for millions of years. It shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone.
  2. Beat Oklahoma and I'm a believer.
  3. With Petrino at the helm this team would be 4-3. The losses coming to Florida, South Carolina, and Arkansas. Call me crazy just my opinion.
  4. It's a horse race and we just reached the quarter pole. A whole lot left.
  5. Catholic doesn't appear to be the team they were last year, but should beat or shall I say better beat Mercer.
  6. The Birds will be fine on Friday. The Covington Catholic offense isn't nearly as explosive as the Highlands offense. Birds by at least 21.
  7. Kirby Smart will be a lock to Arkansas. Im thinking either one of the Grudens. Whom ever it is has to bring a different offense system. You cant beat the big boys at their own game.
  8. So they schedule Elder in a home and away series, but should re-evaluate scheduling Cooper?
  9. I guess I got so use to it being bad that I don't even think about it. I think if Whackem'n' Stackem purchased a new PA system Dale might name it after him. Whackem could become part of Highlands Folklore.
  10. This is an antiquated way of thinking that rarely works in any facet of life. I can tell you that chronic yellers and screamers are tuned out by most players. Coaches that walk up to players and explain to them why what they did was wrong and how to correct it, resonates a lot more with players. Have you ever watched what a little league coach coaching 3rd base does when the batter swings at a ball 10 feet over his head? Generally, the coach with his arm well above is head demonstrates to the kid what just happened, jumps up and down at yells, “the ball was 10 feet over your head, what are ya doing swinging at that?” I would love to see just one time, some kid other than my own respond, “Yea, no duh, coach.”
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