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  1. Pulaski fans felt the same way when Jake Johnson didn’t win it after the incredible records he set.
  2. "8th Annual Don Marshall Bowl" at Pulaski County High School August 19 (Week 0) 6:00 - Pulaski Southwestern v. Jeffersonville, Indiana. 8:30 - Pulaski County v. Harlan County
  3. Wrong. For the 2014-2015 school year, the state of Kentucky ranks schools according to test scores, and other data. Pulaski County ranked 28th. Southwestern was 57th.
  4. Foley has done a good job at Northern Middle School. But to be fair, the program was very solid prior to him going there. Johnny Cain had great teams in the early 2000s, (see Cole Draughn, etc) and Joey Warren also had great teams in the mid 2000s, before he moved up to the Pulaski County High School Staff. If the Middle School Association was in existence then, (and the middle school state championship tournament was in place) Northern would have won a few more of those titles back in those days.
  5. I was told that John Hines (Pulaski Head Coach) once coached in Florida long ago, and actually coached that guy.
  6. I have known Hines a long time and have followed PC football since the dark days. I am positive, that Hines meant nothing derogatory to the young man from Highlands. He has had nothing but positive things to say about Highlands program, coaches, and players before the game and after. I believe he was just praising his own QB.
  7. Stephens transferd to Pulaski County and played there his junior and senior years, earning All-State honors both times as a DB.
  8. Correct. Somerset refused to continue to play Pulaski County and Southwestern on a home-and-home basis each season. Therefore, the both schools pulled out of the Correll Bowl. The "Don Marshall Bowl" is now week 0. Here is the next two years I think: 2015 - Pulaski v. Jeffersonville, Indiana (6pm) Southwestern v. Harlan Co. (Bowl is at Southwestern High in 2015) 2016 - Southwestern v. Jeffersonville, Indiana (6pm) Pulaski v. Harlan Co. (Bowl is at Pulaski in 2016) This is Friday night of week 0. I have heard that the Correll Bowl will now be a single game. Somerset v. Caverna.
  9. Pulaski County has had so many it is hard to remember them all. Here are a few from the past: 2013 - Against Damian Harris and Madison Southern in the Region Championship Game, Pulaski trailed by 10 in the 3rd quarter, and rallied to win 32-28 in the muddiest game I have ever seen. - Also last year - Pulaski trailed Anderson County in the Semi-State Final Round of the Playoffs, 20-10 with 4 minutes to go. On the road. QB Riley Hall hit Christian Coots for a long TD pass to make it 20-17. Anderson County fumbled on their possession, and PC drove 60 yards to win in the final minute on a TD pass from Hall to Jake Johnson. The highlight of the drive was a scramble and run by QB Riley Hall on 4th and 13! 2012 - Also against Madison Southern on the road, Pulaski trailed by 2 TDs with 4 minutes to go. QB Riley Hall threw a TD to Tyler Goins. Then they held Harris and Southern 3 and out. Goins scored on a 38 yard run with less than a minute to win 37-36. - Also earlier that season, PC trailed 21-0 at North Laurel in the 3rd Quarter, and rallied to win 28-21. 2010 - PC trailed arch-rival Southwestern 14-0 in the third. Rallied to win 21-14. 2009 - Pulaski was behind Whitley County in the second round of the playoffs, by 2 TDs. They scored with 5 minutes to go, on-sides kicked and got it, and tied the game up with about a minute and a half. Then intercepted a Whitley pass on the 10. Went 90 yards in less than a minute and won 40-34. - Same year. Trailed at Rockcastle 41-27 in the 4th quarter. Scored 3 TDs in 5 minutes to win. The last one with 20 seconds or so to go. Final 47-41. 2008 - Trailed Ricky Bowling and South Laurel by 2 TDs with 4 minutes to go. Drove and scored, on-sides kicked and got it, and scored again with less than a minute to tie. Won in overtime. - Same year. Trailed Knox Central 21-0 early. Rallied to tie in the 3rd. Knox went ahead 28-21. Pulaski drove 80 yards in a minute and a half to score, went for two and won. 29-28. 2007 - Pulaski was a 21 point underdog to Somerset. Game was tied at 43 with 4 minutes to go. Had a lightning delay. PC scored 3 TDs in the last 4 minutes to win going away. All the way back to 2003, my favorite - PC trailed Louisville Waggener 61-41 with 6 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter of a second round playoff game at Waggener in the rain. Pulaski scored 41 points in a quarter and a half (yes you read that right) to win 82-68. I think it is still the highest scoring game in KY high school history. Come to Pulaski and see the Maroons play. You won't be disappointed.
  10. Hines from Pulaski wanted this job four years ago when they hired Bert Browne. Anybody heard if he has thrown his name in?
  11. Recent? SWHS has lost 6 of the last 7 to Pulaski.
  12. In the pre-season, you said you had been "burned" by Pulaski too many times to put them in the top ten. Even though they have finished in the top ten in 07,08,09,10,12. Now you have them ranked third????
  13. Wait a minute! You have Pulaski County ranked in the top 10? In the pre-season you said you wouldn't rank Pulaski in the top 10. Said you had been "burned" by them too many times. You said their past top 10 finishes meant nothing. What has changed?
  14. 8-2, second round of the playoffs sounds pretty good to me! How many teams out there would like to do that? And, If you are finishing the season in the "final 8," that puts you in the top 10.
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