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  1. I identify as being vaccinated so all is good.
  2. I just wish Toyota would make a 3/4 ton Tundra.
  3. Bought the Tundra crewmax back when they 1st came out, 07 I think. I am on my second one and have had no problems what so ever. Resale value on my 1st one was amazing.
  4. If I replaced the entire water heater everytime an element went bad I'd be broke. Very hard water here and used to go thru couple of elements a year. Installed a water softner and its been a couple of years since changing one. Now if I could only remember to change the anode rod because the salt is very hard on a water heater.
  5. Did the loss of Kenny Payne affect us more then most of us imagined ?
  6. Same reason you can't get rid of crappy teachers.
  7. Absolutely, Frank’s. Can’t eat eggs without it.
  8. This will be an episode on Jerry Springer, if he is still on tv.
  9. And like I mentioned in another post, of that 396 I can’t help but wonder how many were actually from Rona.
  10. Tomato soup with crushed up Doritos in it and grilled cheese.
  11. I lost all faith in the numbers when a coroner told me that since this all started they were instructed to write cause of death as covid, unless it was something obvious like a gunshot or car accident.
  12. There used to be a cafeteria style place at Florence mall , I think it was called Morrison’s , I was young but seemed like it was pretty good.
  13. I have seen compression shorts with built in holster but not sure how well they work.
  14. For me it just doesn't taste the same as pot coffee.
  15. So with unemployment + this $600 dollars a week are there people making more money by staying home?
  16. Said they have fired all employees, so I would have to think this is permanent closure.
  17. It's gotten to the point of pick your poison.
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