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  1. Hatton also won KABC player of the year for the ninth region where he will be honored at Rupp Arena during the Sweet Sixteen. I believe this award is for seniors only. Congratulations to all these young men and their accomplishments.
  2. Fortunately for us Hatton fans he would never take your advice and run and hide. Granted CCH did their job and made Bran much less effective than normal. However a high school basketball player of his caliber would never just lay down and not continue to play hard. Anyone who has watched his development over the last six years would most likely agree that his M.O. is not normally fouling out of frustration. He is a human and we all have slip ups now and then. Not one player is perfect regardless of their ability. If you make decisions on one night of play, sad for you as you have missed some pretty exciting basketball where he is concerned Congrats to CCH for an excellent game and Mr. Rusthatz on breaking his school's scoring record.
  3. I believe it is the ninth region record that Hatton is on pace to break. That record is currently held by Scott Draudt.(sp?).
  4. Ennam_v is absolutely not lying. I was present for this game. Coach Carr was was pouting and completely out of character for him. Nonetheless, that did occur. None of the fans could believe what was actually transpiring.
  5. Brandon is 17, he was born April 28 1995. I just want to know why this seems to be talked about so much. You never hear the age or hold back drama with kids like Bolden or Snider. That's just to name a few across the state. It just does not make since to always say Brandon has an advantage because he was held but when we talk about other standout hold backs it never comes up. He is legal to play as are the other kids mentioned.
  6. Louisville Magic 17u will be playing 22ft academy March 29 at 7:30pm at Wolf County High School. This is a real game not a scrimmage. Should be a good one!
  7. Who looked good and who didnt? I missed it unfortunately. Anyone there?
  8. This may become the norm for Hatton because the word is that the Dixie coaching staff has decided that it's no longer going to be the Brandon show. Also herd from reliable source that the coaches dont want Hatton taking so many shots. Hatton is averaging 25.3 points a game on 15.5 shot attempts based off stats posted on nky.com. He is averaging 1.536 points per attempt. Dont exactly think I would want him to stop shooting so much if I was the coach.
  9. Well lets see, the kid just broke the school scoring record as a junior. There has been a couple hundred people read this thread and three people has said congratulations. In my eyes thats that is definitely not getting your props.
  10. Congratulations Brandon what an unbelievably awesome accomplishment. Now lets hope and pray you stay healthy so you mak it very hard for the next kid to break it. Now I'm going to change course. I can't believe people won't give this kid his "props". He is a good kid and has worked his tail off to become successful. Its unbelievable that grown people hold a grudge on a kid they personally don't know. But thats ok you are the same people that fuel his fire. So hope you keep it up it has worked great so far.
  11. Wow, that is funny since Hatton leads the team in assists.
  12. I must have been watching another game for anyone to say Hatton received Jordan treatment. There will alwags be questionable calls in someone's eyes where officiating is concerned. We could spend the whole night picking apart every call that was made. No one is ever going to be 100 percent happy with what calls are made and not made. So let's make a fair assessment here and not say one particular player was receiving any special treatment. The reality is that Dixie had poor performance as a whole.
  13. You would think that the CC parent fan base would be embarrassed. However, I am not thinking so with all the horrible things they were screaming at the Dixie players after they were exiting the gym floor after the game. I would definitely think Nate would make a difference for CC as would have decent officiating for either team. I think though sayingHatton would have been disqualified much earlier is almost comical. He was hammered all night long. We could debate variables all day long about what could have changed the outcome or the performance of particular players. The bottom line is Dixie came back on the second half and got the win.
  14. All I know is that BH has played at the highest level of aau since 1st grade. He has played with and against the best players in the country and has always held his own against anyone period. I personally believe way way to many people and scouts put to much stock in the prototype player. Scouts walk into a gym see a kid catch an oop and think he is great. Doesn't matter if he can shoot, dribble or have any basketball IQ. BH is playing in the EYBL this summer and if he holds his own there I think all of the questions should be answered.
  15. By Rick Broering – May 8, 2012Posted in: ALL, Basketball Brandon Hatton was a name garnering a lot of buzz this weekend in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as the guard from Dixie Heights filled it up against top competition from around the Midwest. Hatton’s AAU squad, the Louisville Magic, beat AAU power programs like King James, The Family, Michigan Mustangs, Illinois Wolves, Spiece Indy Heat and All Ohio Red on their way to winning the 16U gold championship. Hatton put on a shooting clinic on Saturday and Sunday. He had three or more threes in three of his four games played on Saturday, and three or more in both games on Sunday. He had multiple big scoring outputs, including his 25 point performance against Spiece Indy Heat in the semifinals on Sunday. The most notable part of Hatton’s performance though was his improvement off the bounce. He was consistently beating his defender with his first step or his crossover dribble, and was able to score with floaters, pull-ups and drives to the rim once past his man. Known as a stocky, strong guard, Hatton has taken his conditioning program very seriously since the end of the high school season, in hopes of trimming down his frame and improving his athleticism. “I’m doing the cross-fit training and doing some workouts in the pool,” he said. “I’ve lost 10 pounds. I feel lighter. I feel like I can move a lot better laterally. I’m using my shot to help me get (into the lane), but it feels easier now since I’ve lost the weight.” Xavier, Oklahoma State, Florida State, Florida, Butler and Virginia are the schools currently showing interest in Hatton, with Florida State and Oklahoma State being the two that have contacted him most this spring. Xavier is another school that Hatton says stands out to him. “I went to Xavier last week,” Hatton said. “The visit went really well. I really like it there.” He was also on campus at Xavier for a few games over the last two seasons. Xavier assistant Travis Steele has been the lead recruiter on Hatton, though head coach Chris Mack, a Northern Kentucky resident himself, has attended a few of his high school games already. “He’s cool,” Hatton said about Steele. “He knows how to relate to kids and me and him get along real well.” Currently Hatton doesn’t have any more visits set, though he has talked about setting up a visit with California this summer. As for his timeline, he doesn’t think the recruiting process will take very long for him once the offers start rolling in. “I want to get it done as soon as I can. I know in my mind where I want to go. Once that school has offered me and it’s the right time, I’m going to take it.” Hatton and the Louisville Magic will be playing in Bloomington at the Adidas May Classic this weekend, and then will be in Lexington for the Kentucky State Tournament the following weekend. You might also like: NKSB Top 10 – (9/19/11) Conner juniors gaining interest Beechwood survives against Holmes
  16. Dixie Heights travels to Cov. Cath. friday night. Two top ranked teams in the ninth region. Thoughts/predictions in what the end result will be?
  17. I found this in the Lexington Herald. Just out of curiousity is it the norm that there is not a player from each team represented in the sweet sixteen all tournament team? I know in the regionals they represent at least one player from each team that made it to the regional finals. I just never paid much attention before. All-tournament — Corey Rogers (Clark Co.); Scott Schuette (Lex. Catholic); Gavin Dunagan (Wayne Co.); Blake Clark (Marshall Co.); Remy Abell, Lyonell Gaines (Eastern); Derek Willis, Corey Washburn (Bullitt East); D.J. Thompson, Adam Wing, Darrell Cross (Rowan Co.); Veontae Lewis, Anthony Hickey, Donovan Kates (Christian Co.). MVP — Anthony Hickey (Christian Co.). Academic scholarships — Wayne Michael Martin (Clark Co.); John Dudley Hilton (Bell Co.); Kyle Hopper (Wayne Co.). Larry Conley Ultimate Teammate — Anthony Hickey (Christian Co.). Leadership — Jon Stacy (Rowan Co.). Sportsmanship — Marcoreyon Tandy (Christian Co.). Ted Sanford (for ability, sportsmanship, academics, citizenship) — Gavin Dunagan (Wayne Co.) Read more: http://www.kentucky.com/2011/03/19/1678180/christian-county-beats-rowan-county.html##ixzz1H7NkhkOS
  18. Look you are nothing but a fake person who wants to act like you are a friend of the Hatton family. It is easy to hide behind a screen name and talk about a kid whom you are supposed to know so well. We could get on here and bash Christian but we are not that kind of people . I like Christian and would never hide behind a screen name and talk bad about him, ever. So when you get the guts to say who you are I think you know who his father is.
  19. I couldnt agree more Clyde. I am going to probably get slammed for making this comment but I didnt think that Lexington Catholic was all that better of a basketball club than Dixie. They were definately the better team last night by far, but I have seen every Dixie game this year, and I think that was probably their worst performance of the year. However these boys should not hang their heads. They have made great strides this year and played in one of the best 9th region championship games in history. They have accomplished great things this year. Congrats to Lexington Catholic, and best wishes in the next round game friday against Christian County.
  20. Dixie in a very close game. I am hoping the Red Colonels will advance and continue to represent the ninth region.
  21. Great post School Yard and rings nothing but truth. This was the best sports entertainment I have seen in a long time. It was truly a memorable moment for all these young men, coaches and fans watching.
  22. I may be late but does anyone know what the record for OTs are for a Ninth Regional Championship game? This was the best sporting event I have witnessed thus far. The boys and coaches from both teams have to be extremely proud of themselves with all the heart they was on the floor Sunday afternoon. It was just a wonderful experience win or lose.
  23. I can see your point but I think in this instance the majority would be that this wasnt an intentional disrespect to NCC. If anyone knows Hatton personally I believe they could encount for his true respect for other players, coaches and the game of basketball itself. I am not stating that there are not a few people who would state he is entitled because of how the game went down but I dont believe based upon the majority of responses that is the case here. Granted there are a few comments of entitlement but not as a whole. I spoke with Bran about the situation and he stated by no means was there any disrespect intended towards NCC or there fan base. I just think someone jumped the gun on this one assuming what his intention was. Everyone knows what assuming does!
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