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  1. Her undergraduate degree from Marquette was an Advertising major and Graphic Design minor. Her graduate degree from BGSU will be in Mass/Media Communications. She wants to pursue the Graphic Design side of Marketing/Advertising. She is extremely artistic and creative.
  2. Dixie is playing better after a slow start. Got to the finals of a holiday tournament prior to Christmas. Brooke Davis can lead this team and can play. They have a number of good, young players Have to learn to handle pressure better. It will be interesting to see how things go in the new year.
  3. Thanks! Lauren had a great experience at Marquette. She played in close to 90 games and played her role without complaint. She loves BGSU and has found a great place to finish a fabulous basketball career with a wonderful degree from MU and will finish her masters at BGSU. Very blessed!!!!
  4. Lauren Tibbs (2011 Scott HS) graduated from Marquette University in the spring and is playing her final year at Bowling Green State University while she works on her Masters. She is starting and is their leading scorer and rebounder.
  5. Ally Mayhaus from Holy Cross in Covington, KY is starting at Bellarmine Liza Tibbs from Dixie Heights just came back from an early season injury and is beginning to log some minutes off the bench for Bellarmine.
  6. Dixie Heights HS senior Liza Tibbs will be playing at Bellarmine (D2)
  7. I attended the OH-KY Allstar game this afternoon at Thomas More to support my daughter and watch some good basketball. It was a good game as all star games go. Ohio led the majority of the game, but Kentucky battled and kept it close and really had a chance down the stretch but had some key turnovers and missed shots. My daughter had a great experience throughout the entire 2 days of activities, met some great girls and had a lot of fun.
  8. Nice having some great photos of Liza's last game. Fabulous job as always.
  9. Handling pressure has been Dixie's Achilles Heal all year. Tibbs had a big night, but needed some help. Dixie played them even in the first quarter in their zone, when they switched to man, they could not match up and got killed off the dribble which resulted in fouls or lay ups. Dixie has a lot coming back. Their key players are sophomores and juniors. Papabear is proud of how Liza Tibbs finished her Dixie career tonight. She left nothing on the court tonight. Congratulations Liza and the entire Lady Colonel team.
  10. Ryle had their chances in the second half but missed free throws killed them and could never seem to get the big bucket when Holmes left the door open a few times.
  11. Games are at the Bank of Kentucky Center at NKU Game times 6:30 and 8:00 First round on Monday and Tuesday
  12. Dixie got in foul trouble in the second quarter and went in at halftime down 23-15. They came out and got right back in it the first 3 minutes of the 3rd quarter. It was back and forth the entire second half. Brook Davis comes up huge for the Colonels. Several players hit key free throws down the stretch for Dixie. Congratulations Lady Colonels!!!!!
  13. The Dixie Heights girls bball senior night was scheduled for Wednesday night and the game was cancelled due to weather and moved to Thursday night. The game was cancelled again and rescheduled for Saturday afternoon. With the pending forecast for tomorrow, it is doubtful they will be able to play the game. Dixie is playing at Boone Co. tonight and it is Boone's senior night. Boone Co. has graciously invited the three Dixie seniors and parents to join their senior night. They are displaying their memory boards and introducing our seniors and parents prior to the varsity game. No it is not like being able to do it in your last home game in your own gym, but it is very generous and will give these three seniors the chance to be recognized for a great basketball career in front of their fans in attendance tonight. Thank you Coach Fookes for making this happen. It is greatly appreciated.
  14. Dixie's strategy was sound. It is the only way they could legitimately match up with technically the five guards that Highlands started and played most of the game. Their 2-3 match up zone slowed Highlands down and forced them to work pretty hard for their shots. Keep in mind it was 35-35 with six minutes left in the game. It definitely put them in a position to win the game. Coming out man to man would have forced Tibbs and Davis to guard on the perimeter which is definitely not their strength. Turnovers have been Dixie's Achilles Heal all year. It was the same in this game especially at key moments. Dixie turned it over 3 straight times down the floor with the score tied 35-35. Highlands converted 8 straight points. Dixie came out of their zone at that point and Highlands spread them out. Game over. Dixie had a match up advantage in the post on offense with Tibbs, but they have trouble getting it to her at times especially when there is perimeter ball pressure. She was 7/8 from the field so she converted when she got the chance. In the end, Dixie played pretty well and had a chance to win against a very good and well coached Highlands team.
  15. Final from Ft. Thomas in this 1pm game. It was close throughout. Tied 35-35 with 6 minutes to go. 2-3 key turnovers in a row by Dixie and Highlands converted and pushed the lead 8. Once Highlands forced Dixie out of their zone they played keep away the rest of the way and converted their free throws down the stretch. Highlands was pretty balanced. Dixie was led by Tibbs with 20.
  16. Dixie goes up 14-7 after first quarter. Conner turns up the pressure and goes up 36-26 at half. Dixie handled the pressure much better in the second half and played much better defense. Dixie was still down 8 after third quarter and made a great run in the 4th quarter. Outscored Conner 41-24 in the second half. Great team effort though Tibbs had a big night. 24 points (20 in the second half) 11 rebounds and 6 blocks. Kiley Brock and Jenna Blumlein came up big as well for the Colonels. Great come back win.
  17. Dixie battled and got a good win. Tibbs led the way with 28 points. They have put a couple of good efforts together and it paid off with the win tonight. They need to continue to build on it.
  18. Any stats from the game. I did not see it in the paper and I was unable to attend.
  19. The Lady Colonels post a big district win vs. St. Henry tonight. The first half was tight and tied 27-27. Dixie holds St. Henry to 9 points the entire second half and played solid on both ends. They handled St. Henry's pressure and pulled away. Great team effort. Tibbs, Davis and Brock all in double figures for Dixie.
  20. Scott High School (Taylor Mill, KY) Lauren Tibbs (2011) 2700+ points
  21. Their three guards are sophomore, sophomore, and freshman. The team's overall success will greatly depend on their development. After seeing Holmes play, most teams are going to have a difficult time handling their pressure. I still think that Dixie is going to be improved and will get better at handling pressure as the year goes on. We will see
  22. I was there and witnessed how good they are playing. I knew it was going to be a challenge for Dixie's young guards to handle the pressure defense. Holmes literally comes at you in waves. They go 10 deep. The thing I was a bit surprised about was how well they shot it from outside last night. I was expecting the points off turnovers, but they must have hit 10 threes. Dixie got them in a half court game at times, but the threes killed them. They hustle and play extremely physical and hard.
  23. Balanced scoring really helps. Tibbs with 16, Davis with 15 and Brock with 14. Dixie off to a 3-0 start.
  24. Good team effort by Dixie. BC focused their efforts in packing in a 2-3 zone around Tibbs and the other Dixie players really stepped up and took advantage of the open shots. A couple of players off the bench for Dixie made solid contributions in scoring. Sims for BC had a big night. She is hard to handle one on one.
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