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  1. I'm offended with every post in this thread...all women are beautiful...I would marry every single woman named in this thread.... With thath being said lady gaga makes me almost vomit....lol
  2. Braves add Michael Bourn of the Astros for Jordan Schafer, and 3 minor league pitchers. None of which are Delgado, Teheran, Minor, or Vizcaino. Great trade for the Braves.
  3. If you can't go out and play defense or throw a fastball, then stay on the bench. Baseball is the most 2-way game there is. Offense and defense. I hate hate hate seeing a guy go yard and then go celebrate with his teammates by sitting in the dugout and watching them win the ball game on the field. 40 year old dh's do nothing but clog up roster spots for 23 year old guys who could gain some valuable time on a big league club learning how to be professionals.
  4. I am by no means perfect, but the law is the law. My fellow officers and I enforce what is needed to be enforced. If I am escorting a murderer of a family of 5, my job is to keep him safe. If someone try's to kill that prisoner, my job is to stop them. Whether you like it or not, it's our job. It's how we make a living. If we don't do what our boss says, Ghent we no longer have a job.
  5. Aspirin is a drug to, but that's not illegal to possess. I don't care why it's illegal to dance in front of the monument, it just is. If people want to change it, then change it in a way that will not cause a disturbance within the community. Take it to your local representatives. Protesting is a-ok with me, but do it properly. Like I said before in another thread, don't do anything illegal and you won't find yourself behind bars.
  6. Why is it illegal to possess marijuana? Doesn't really matter, but if its a law, then LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS have to enforce it. It doesnt matter to you though, you just hate the police no matter what.
  7. I most definitely agree that some cops go on power trips and think the badge will protect them. Searching the room bm was in when placed under arrest is completely legitimate. The money issue, like I said before, could have gone to a booking fee or something. I know at the jail I take my prisoners to it is around 125 to 150 bucks. The water on the computer is pretty unacceptable. Whether on purpose or not, they should not have done that. Inexcusable. BM, did you report the actions of these officers to their superiors? If not, shame on you, because the way you are talking, they violated your civil rights and you should sue the crap out of them. Btw, I haven't eaten a freaking donut in two years...
  8. Exactly. I wish more people would understand that. Blue magic, marijuana is illegal to possess, whether in your home or not. We associate drugs with money and guns. Maybe they took it for a trafficking investigation? Maybe it was in your wallet and was taken at the jail for a booking fee? Either way, don't do illegal things and you won't wind up in those type situations.
  9. You try being a law enforcement officer out here... :lol: As far as the flipping an officer off, that's perfectly legal, but not a good idea. It has happened to me a couple times. You have to try and brush it off, but if i am responding to a call and an individual at the place I am going throws up the bird, I can't help but think he is the one that is causing the trouble, and my mind is mostly made up before I talk to anybody. Police officers can not be harassed by state law, but we can get angry...I am a man trying to make a living just like everyone else. Ukmustangfan, you shouldn't have been going that fast in that place. It was right for the officer to pull you over, right for him to give you a ticket. As far as what he said to you, I won't comment. You have no idea what that cop just got finished doing. Maybe he just cleared up an accident where someone was killed in that same construction zone. Maybe he just arrested someone for beating on his wife and kids. Maybe he just had to tell someone there husband and/or father wasn't coming home because they were killed by a DUI driver. You have no idea. Cbdv, shoot me a pm if you want and tell me your situation, maybe I can help shed some light on what's happening with your situation. Madman, be careful following cops on the highway...we have rearview mirrors... And as far as cops abusing their power and all that...sure, some do. There are bad people in every profession there is. But it's not nearly as bad as it was in the 70's or 80's. It is a very small percentage, and you are way more unlikely to come across a "dirty" cop today than in years past.
  10. I don't know if this will make a difference to anyone on here, but Before I state my opinion, I'll let you guys know that I am a law enforcement officer for a Sheriffs Office in eastern Kentucky, and my brother happens to be an officer at the Ashland Police Department. I have no inside knowledge of the situation however. I have not talked to my brother sin e Friday and he was not on duty when this occurred...as for my opinion on this situation... Yes, it is an absolute tragedy that a child's life was taken. Yes, I believe that charges should be filed against BOTH parents...but that is without a ton of knowledge of is case. At the bare minimum, the child's father left a loaded handgun with no safety within arms reach of a two year old child, and that is negligence/endangerment if I've ever seen it. The mother was negligent in the sense that she did not maintain control of her toddler knowing there was a firearm in the car. If the father had a permit, the mother knew it and you better believe she knew it was in the vehicle...I'm a believer in the law and I believe it should be applied to each and everyone the same way. Thinking about this in another light, again, not trying to offend anyone just thinking out loud, do we know for a fact that is what happened? Has anyone besides the APD seen any video footage of this? Whos to say the mother didn't lose it because her child was crying, grab the gun and fire it herself? I am IN NO WAY implying that happened, but without all the facts, how can we not explore that option?
  11. I know I give you crap sometimes GT, :lol: but you do have good info. Any info on the possible Harrow transfer?
  12. Sounds like someone else I know that may or may not post on this site.
  13. Austin Rivers...I just don't see it. Think he is going to be a real disappointment for Coach K.
  14. I don't care if it bothers you or not. Simply showing how silly it is that you stand on your high horse flexing your basketball muscle when your team that you have a rooting interest in is nothing but a has been.
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