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  1. Rose Hill WILL have a team and WILL be playing this season!!!! :thumb: Why is it that people think we won't??? :irked: As for the transferring players being eligible this season, that will be for the KHSAA to decide. I love my Royals and will be with them all the way!!! Go Royals!!!
  2. The suspense is killing me!!!!! :confused: Enough already!!!!! :isurrender: I can't take it anymore!!! :ohbrother: Tell us yes or no!!! :idunno:
  3. I just read on http://www.whas11.com where he had already accepted the position as UK's head coach. The drama continues......... :ohbrother:
  4. Bob Kouns in the Number 1 spot??? :ohbrother: No way!!!! Marla Gearheart is the best, IMO!!!!! :clap:
  5. I felt bad for Fairview's loss. :cry: But you just can't hardly win on Ashland's court, no matter how hard you try.:idunno: Eagles you have nothing to be ashamed of, you guys played an awesome game tonight!!! :clap: Good Luck to you all as you all head to Morehead!!! :thumb:
  6. There are more but these are the ones that I remember: Stai from Fairview, Bonner from Ashland, Terry from Rose Hill and Gambill from Rose Hill.
  7. GO EAGLES!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! FROM ROSE HILL MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. NOT a well officiated game!!!!! :irked: It was a hard fought game on Rose Hill's part. This whole thing makes me sick!!!!! :puke:
  9. Eagle fans I hope you do not get the same officials as we had for our game, for if you do, you will meet the same fate as we did I'm afraid. I hope the Eagles will prevail in this one by 20+.
  10. This player I was speaking of was ruled ineligible this year, but can play next year if he so chooses.
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