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  1. I thought this would be a close game. I am out of town and could not make it. I was worried about Lloyd defending the passing game and Conner likes to throw the ball.
  2. I’m sorry guys I’m out of town so I’m looking for updates as well
  3. Lloyd held Boone to 45 yards rushing and 49 yards receiving on the night. I think Ryle will name the score in this one.
  4. Wow! Lloyd held Boone to 45 yards rushing on 33 attempts. 49 yards receiving on 3 attempts.
  5. Lloyd Memorial put up a big win against 5A Boone. I am not sure how many yards Boone had in this game but The Juggernauts really appeared to control the line of scrimmage.
  6. I think this is going to be a real test for Lloyd they pulled off an impressive win Friday night against Boone County so I’m going to say the Juggs in a close one.
  7. It was a great game! I tried to keep up the best i could but it was difficult in the stands. The final was 22-14. After the half time Lloyd looked flat but then found another gear in the fourth. Both teams had a bunch of three and outs in the second half. Lloyd has a very solid defense. I was very impressed. I also did not realize the last week against Scott they had 10 turnovers.
  8. First down for going county at the 44 yard line with one minute and nine seconds to go.
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