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  1. This should be a whale of a game. I don’t know much about Beechwood this year but let’s face it, it’s Beechwood. I’m sticking with my Juggs. I’m sure you guys already knew that.
  2. Halftime adjustments was the big difference in that game Lloyd was losing 7-0 and then the final score was 26 to 7. I also think 24 getting more carries in the second half really helped that offense and shows he is healthy and ready for a full game of action next week against Beechwood.
  3. I hope the lineman that got hurt late in the game is OK.
  4. I’m a true Jugg fan by all means. I was just saying that Newport is not a bad team if they put a full game together.
  5. Don’t let the score fool you. Newport has a solid football team.
  6. I hear you. The score does not reflect this game. Newport is solid.
  7. Lloyd in for the score and two point conversion is no good. 20-7 Juggs
  8. Nice drive by the juggernauts. Mixing it up the whole way. Two point conversion was good. Lloyd 8-7
  9. 3 punts for Lloyd and still 0-0. The offense is yet to show up.
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