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  1. That was a good game I was there until midway of the fourth quarter and it was 24 to 7. So within that short time there must’ve been three touchdown scores between the two teams. I wish I would’ve stayed.
  2. I think LCA is up for a big challenge this weekend against Boyle.
  3. Turnovers turnovers turnovers! Newport was able to turn three of the Lloyd turnovers into points. Congratulations Newport.
  4. A seven minute drive to start the third quarter and Lloyd throws an interception in the end zone. Wow is all I can say.
  5. Another nice drive by Lloyd. Smash mouth football. Two point conversion good. Lloyd up 14-7.
  6. Lloyd with an impressive drive with the touchdown. Pat no good. 7-6 Newport.
  7. Lloyd drops the pond on the 5 yard line Newport recovers and scores Newport’s winning 7 to 0.
  8. Lloyd wins this one again. It is a home game and their starting running back is at full speed. The last time these two teams met it was his first game back over a month and you could tell he was rusty. Lloyd 28-7.
  9. Close at three personal fouls for NCC now. Sounds to me like they need to clean this game up.
  10. I did not see a 37-0 Shut out coming. Lloyd had no offense to show at all. I see a second round match up between these two but not sure if Lloyd come overcome a 37 point swing. With that being said Beechwood has a solid team but did loose to Somerset 46-14 and then LCA beat Somerset. I do not see Beechwood getting past either one of them or anyone else for that matter.
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