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  1. Agree to disagree on Kentucky's strength...having had the great fortune to travel and see football in some of these other states, I think KY in underrated. I'll take Wheaton North and some of the Chicago schools against any programs in the country. Ill is another underrated state. S.Car and N. Car are two of the more overrated states-everytime Byrnes (SC) plays an out of state school, they get handled. That is the flagship program in the state. I was unimpressed with Independence as well when I saw them this year, another flagship. X, T and Highlands handle those schools, IMO. Kentucky doesn't have as many kids or schools, but the ones we have are pretty quality. Beechwood, NCC, Belfry and Danville can handle themselves against any small program in the country year in and year out.
  2. Saw an article on Scout.com that made me think this kid is tied to Coach Rod Heard it on ESPN as well.
  3. Saw this thread started on another website and thought it mught be cool to start here. IYO, what are the top 20 states in HS Football, taking into account: Talent Atmosphere Coaching Competitive Balance Reputation Here's my list; 1. Texas 2. Florida 3. Ohio 4. California 5. Pennsylvania 6. Georgia 7. Alabama 8. New Jersey 9. Illinois 10. Mississippi 11. Virginia 12. Kentucky 13. Indiana 14. Louisianna 15. Michigan 16. Tennessee 17. Arizona 18. Washington (State) 19. North Carolina 20. South Carolina Let's see others!
  4. I agree that Lex can go in cycles. Coach Sam does have the strangle hold right now, though. Would TC consider reaching out to Jeff Carlburg or is that a pipe-dream (former Lex Cath D-Coordinator and GREAT coach currently at Apollo)?
  5. Pretty sure Rich Rodriguez has the number one ATH QB Terrelle Pryor coming with him to Ann Arbor. This could give Michigan a two-headed QB monster a la LSU this year. Thoughts?
  6. I don' think App State's coach leaves. It is either going to be Bowden or Fisher I think. Coker will take the SMU job.
  7. I like the idea of different combos. I don't like the current unis; I always thought they looked like a practice pinny pulled over a game jersey. I would be pro-change. Please post pics when you get them.
  8. I got the SEC winning six games: LSU Fla Georgia Auburn Alabama Miss St. I got 1 loss: Tenn Ark and UK are toss ups IMHO (but I'm pulling for my Cats!)
  9. I just really like the hire of Coach Rod. I think that the spread option will be tough for teams to prep for, much like the old Nebraska triple option was. If you only see it once or twice a year in the Big 10, a team will struggle to stop it. It certainly helped Juice Williams and Illinois this season.
  10. ANy word on this job...it seems like a descent position, but it isn't getting the buzz on this sie I thought it would.
  11. Would Coverdale leave T for this job...I guess the master of the spread could turn around Butler, but can he beat X and T for a state title?
  12. I wonder how tempting this job is considering Henry Clay and Sam Simpson have had thier way with the other 6As in the city. Plus X and T are a huge road block. What kind of guy would TC look for, a young coach with a good pedigree or a vet with experience?
  13. From the outside looking in...I think cleaning house may be a good idea. Have they gotten any applications from coaches out of state, maybe someone who wouldn't be intimidated by Cov Cath and Highlands because they don't know any better?
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