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  1. Was told Mason Co let go of all Buddy Biggs assistants from their teaching jobs, freeing up spots for a future coach.
  2. Cheating seems like a strong word, but if it gives an intentional advantage, it's cheating. I understand if a school did not have the resources, but, to have the stats and not report them equals cheating.
  3. I left with Beechwood up 25. Brossart must have made a comeback. Brossart is young and struggled against Beechwood press. Toebbe dominated for the Tigers.
  4. In my opinion, Dixie may be the third team in the 9th region, right behind CovCath and Cooper. With the ball bouncing the right way, the could content for the region this season.
  5. Don't know too much about Villa other than they have a stud who is one of the schools all time leading scorers. May be able to pick up and win or two that will raise eyebrows when you consider what Villa usually has.
  6. With Toebbe back, Beechwood is solid this year. They beat Holy Cross and Holmes last season so I wouldn't consider them a push over. Miles has a very high ceiling for Walton. They have a chance to contend by years end.
  7. Regardless of injury, great win for Conner early in the season. They are a solid ball club within the 2nd tier of teams in NKY.
  8. Probably one of the worst teams for a young Holy Cross to open up with. Holy Cross will improve, but Cooper is going to smack them around in this first game. I like the Jags by 17-20 points.
  9. I'd say the host team certainly put themselves on the correct side of the bracket. I'll predict an SK/Dixie final but who knows with the top side.
  10. Little surprised by the margin here. Congrats to JC on the victory. Defense is impressive to say the least.
  11. I'm ticked for every Brossart win after the programs struggles just a couple years ago. Go Stangs
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