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  1. From my recollection of the young men on that team, they are a good supporting cast. Do they not shoot? or, do they sit around and watch?
  2. If SK brings energy, they have the tools to make a run. Energy is the key for them.
  3. Why would that be a shame? Losing in finals or semi's, you still go home. i hope the rest of the region shows up.
  4. Simon has enough to hit a stride. They need a 3rd to step up with Hawkins and Kelce.
  5. This is surprising. What is Beechwood record?
  6. May i borrow your thesaurus? SK actually had a nice game plan to slow down the game to take away Dixie's advantages.
  7. What is the definition of a contender? - beating the team? or playing them and losing by a few?
  8. Nice job. Ryle has performed better than i thought they would and deserve the 6 ranking.
  9. Meyer 20 or so Schreck 12 or so Highlands has some things to work with and can beat alot of teams. Big game for them on Tuesday against NCC.
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