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  1. One of best district tournaments in the state. The two semifinal games will be fantastic. I think it will be a Cooper v. Conner final.
  2. I wonder when the last time Holmes didn't make it to back-to-back regional tournaments? This is highly likely this season.
  3. So, what side of the argument are you making? I'm really not sure reading this if you think a blind draw is good or bad.
  4. If I was a school in blind draw, I wouldn't play a single district team in the regular season. Make them have to prepare for me without playing me. I think that the argument would be that it makes each team have to travel to each others gyms.
  5. Just wanted to get other people's ideas and share mine on this topic. I think every district should seed and it should be done the following way: 1) Every team has to play each district team twice (home/away) in the regular season. This will create a situation where teams will have to prove they are the one seed but also create more inner-district rivalries. 2) Tie breakers should be as follows (get rid of these coin tosses): Head to Head Point differential in district seeded games Away district seeded games point differential Home district seeded games point differential Region record Region away record Open to other suggestions
  6. wouldn't be surprised if a move to Georgetown happened beforehand.
  7. I was at the game and think Hollis heart his jaw. That's where he had ice in the 2nd half. I've not seen a more disinterested Holmes team. I think there will be a change after the season. Not heard anything but it's a gut feeling. You can see it on the floor.
  8. I'd say my response is on today's youth culture not SK in particular.
  9. I blame parents, AAU, and message boards. I also blame a culture of entitlement that today's teens have and that they don't have to work hard to win/get playing time.
  10. I like Jake a lot and think he has tremendous upside. But, and I know I'll get jumped by the Colonels for this, if your 7' and in a region without any real bigs you better be averaging more than 7 points and 7 rebounds. Wisconsin isn't coming.
  11. Got to see GC play at Williamstown this year and I'm shocked that SK didn't win this game. Coach Utter and his staff are doing a great job. I think SK people need to follow Aaron Rodgers advice and "relax". The couple games I've seen Simon a lot of their players look disinterested or lazy at times. Can't blame Coach Steiner for that every game. It isn't like he is playing kids to lose. Also, as far as the coach Grammer opinion goes, he did a great job at a school that doesn't have a great tradition of winning. I saw them beat SK twice for district championships his first two years and the opinion on him from the crowd and parents was pretty positive.
  12. Lots of teams have players missing this time of the year. Cooper has the McNeil's out, Cov Cath has Fredericks out, and Holmes is without Hollis. It will be interesting to see which teams are closest to 100% come February.
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